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Caretaker wanted


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Friends of ours need a caretaker on a 5acre block in Baldivis WA. It is a beautiful rural location with all amenities and close to shopping etcetera. They run an earthmoving business and need someone to watch over their valuable machinery when away. There is plenty of room for a big van. If anyone is interested or knows someone who is please please give Julie a call on +61432435435494

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Hi Barramundi,

I think you may have made a blue with the phone number...... too many digits

Can I also suggest when you post the corrected number that you 'spell' the first few numbers as in zero four three two 123456 it just makes it harder for scammers to 'pick' up on the number and annoy Julie!!!!!!!.

I know +61 is the code for Oz.....its not required for calls within Australia.

It sounds like a top gig for someone over that way, hopefully someone will take it up.

Just had another look at the phone number .....I'm guessing you meant zero four three two 435494?


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G`Day Barramundi

I would suggest your mate advertise his property on aussiehousesitters.com.au We have used them for some years now and get most of our sits from them. The cost to advertise for a sitter is FREE. :)



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