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Vitrofrigo fridge noise

Leon Brown

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Just seeking some information on our fridge.  When the fridge compressor stops there is a rather large clunking sound. Thought it may have been batteries as these were old and sometimes got down to 11.6 amps.  New batteries installed  with no change. Happens when on 240 or solely on  12v system. Any one had a similar experience? If the fridge is on the way out what other options are there other than the 230 litre Vitro.





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G`Day Leon

Hate to be the bearer of bad news mate ,but that sounds like the noise ours made a couple of yrs. ago before it died.It Might be the electronic control board. We had to put another Vitrifigo in as that was the only one that fit in the current space. We purchased our new one from Caravans plus in Canberra.(Delivered to Port Augusta) at a good price.The new fridge seems to be a bit better build quality. I guess time will tell.


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Hi Leon,

With anything like a strange noise, I would suggest having it checked out professionally, with all due respect to Rick (above) and anybody else who replies we are only guessing an answer and defiantly can't hear it.

Remember......A little 'check' now....is better than a big 'cheque' later.

Hope you get it sorted quickly.

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