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Cold draft around compressor fridge in new XC 5

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We picked up our new Kedron XC5 (our second Kedron) in late September this year with a diesel heater and compressor fridge (our last van had a three way fridge) Both fridge and heater work great however when free camping recently in cold and windy weather there was a strong cold breeze from around the fridge (even more than the lower vent on the door) making the diesel heater work overtime. The draft in the bottom of the door is easily fixed however around the fridge is more difficult. There is a large vent on the outside of the van at the top of the fridge and an added problem is that bugs etc get in there as well as it is not screened. Inside the van there are vents at the top and bottom of the fridge. Has anyone one else with the same set up experienced similar problems and if so are there any solutions, would appreciate any advice. regards Macca

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Hi Macca

I had the same thing wen we went to Tasmania in June.

The diesel heater could not keep up with the amount of cold coming in from the door vent at the top and bottom of thr fridge.

I ended up removing the external grill to the fridge and taping up all but the top 2 luvers on the inside.

The bottom grill on the fridge i rolled up a t towel and put it in the grill.

I had to put some foam over the door vent between the screen and the door. 

This made things better. It was June in Tasmania. It was cold for a Queenslander.

I ended up putting a t towel in the top grill on the fridge. I didn't think the fridge needed the extra air flow seeing the temp only was getting to9 or 10.

Regards David

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Hi David & Macca,

Have also experienced the cold air through the fridge vent. Have had a shade cloth screen made up similar to the type we had on our 3 way fridge,

attached it to the sail track which I assume would have been fitted to the XC5 on that side and pegged down out from the van.

We haven't been able to test it fully since the weather has warmed up!

The material was a 90% mesh used for house & pool shade sails,( not your garden or caravan shop end shades variety.)

Sail is 1500mm wide 2200mm long.

As for insects it isn't too hard to place a piece of mesh behind the vent.

I reckon that in most weather a vent is not required as there is top & bottom vents on the fridge but it has been fitted as a requirement from Dometic.

Cheers  John


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