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Kilkivan Australia Day Gathering 2021

Nev and Penny

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Hi at the Kilvkivan gathering several people asked for Rod's corn bread recipe, so I have also copied it to this page.



 This lady is a gem for good food recipe's

This is quick and easy and an ordinary baking dish does the trick although the stated cast iron pan gives a crispier bottom.

Corn meal is called polenta in Aussie shops and readily available. 

Cheers from the Kyd's


I was also asked for my lemon slice recipe 



Lemon Coconut Slice

Makes: 18 squares


·        1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk

·        125g butter

·        250g milk arrowroot biscuits (granita, shortbread, gingernut)

·        1 teaspoon grated lemon rind

·        1 cup coconut

·        Icing

·        1 3/4cups icing sugar

·        3 tablespoons lemon juice

·        15g butter

·        2 tablespoons coconut


Preparation:5min  ›  Cook:1min  ›  Extra time:1hour chilling  ›  Ready in:1hour6min 

1.     Place condensed milk (1/2 cup) and butter (125g) in a saucepan. Stir over gentle heat until butter had melted and mixture has combined.

2.     Crush biscuits very finely. Add lemon rind and coconut (1 cup). Mix well.

3.     Add warm milk and butter mixture to the biscuit crumb mixture. Mix together with a wooden spoon.

4.     Press mixture in greased lamington tin. Refrigerate for 1hr.

5.     Icing: Combine sifted icing sugar, lemon juice, and soft butter (15g) in a bowl. Mix well until smooth. Spread over chilled biscuit base and sprinkle with coconut. Refrigerate until icing is set. cut into small squares



If you grease to short side of the pan, then place baking paper in and over the edges of the pan, it's easy to pull the slice out in one piece.




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