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  1. We replaced ours in the old Kedron when the RPD215 played up that much we tossed it and I fitted a RPD218 , cabinet opening needs to be 20 mm higher . From memory $2200.00 from the 12volt shop , it was a quite few years ago .
  2. until
    Come and join your fellow Koggers for a few days of campfires and relaxation. Located 3kms from the quaint little country town of Goomeri with other close by towns including Kilkivan and Murgon. Fees are $15/night for 2 people This gathering is on the Facebook Page, members will receive an invitation to attend, no need to accept on both, we will have a master copy of attendees. Please let us know if you would like to attend and the dates of your arrival & departure Facilities: New amenities and laundry New Dump Point New
  3. This is from fault page . If your error light is flashing three times every 5 seconds, the rotor may be blocked or the differential pressure in the refrigeration system is too high. Faulty compressor or faulty control module. I hope this helps .
  4. Since we are house sitting in Cairns and be away May and June . Thinking about a gathering in August . https://www.goomeribushcamp.com.au Doesn’t matter if it’s a gathering of one or fifty one . Details in a few days . Thanks Nev and Penny
  5. Hi at the Kilvkivan gathering several people asked for Rod's corn bread recipe, so I have also copied it to this page. http://recipetineats.com/cornbread-recipe/ This lady is a gem for good food recipe's This is quick and easy and an ordinary baking dish does the trick although the stated cast iron pan gives a crispier bottom. Corn meal is called polenta in Aussie shops and readily available. Cheers from the Kyd's I was also asked for my lemon slice recipe Lemon Coconut Slice Ingredients Makes: 18 squares
  6. Hi Gordon & Chris, if your arrival day is now Wednesday 22nd, just let Caretaker's know you are with the Kedron group, so we can all be close together, we are not actually planning to arrive until the Thursday or Friday.

    The number for the caretaker is  0438849948, just call when you arrive and they will direct to a good spot.





  7. Very sorry you won't be able to make Kenilworth,  look forward to catching up another time.


  8. We have put a 3 kg front loader in our new Kedron AT5, wanted a 4 kg, but it wouldn't quite fit due to where the wheel arc is located. Camec website have the dimensions of their machines.
  9. Sounds good to us, had a great time last year, love that it is a week earlier, won't class with grand-babies birthday, lol.
  10. Our batteries are 7 years old , I don’t worry about percentages of battery use . I don’t let them go below 12.2 volts . When the batteries were new 12.2 volts was 50% used . Now that the batteries are 7 years older 12.2 volts is 30% used . Nev
  11. Nev & Penny arrive 15th and leave 19th , powered site , wine tour 1 , dinner 2
  12. Don’t be scared of the size of a yank tank , we have a Silverado 2500 and have no problems parking at our local Coles and Woolworths and even the good shops like BCF and Bunnings. My wife drives it all around Brisbane. Cheers Nev
  13. Hi Cheryl & Wayne We live in our van and found the Kedron supplied mattress not the best. After various store bought mattress toppers, egg shells etc we decided to get a new mattress. Makin Mattresses at Nundah, custom made us a made to measure Belissimo mattress, extremely comfortable with an excellent warranty, but a bit on the heavy side, quite expensive and makes the bed very high. But I am glad we have it, so much better, excellent and well worth the money as I said we sleep there every night. Now I see they have a new range called Matilda especially designed for carav
  14. Castlemaine is indeed a beautiful town, very quaint, lots of old buildings, the museum/ art gallery is worth a look. A must try is Castlemaine Rock in a round yellow tin, a yummy hard candy peppermint . I was fortunate enough to have been born there, my grandfather was the town dentist. Cheers Penny
  15. Yes indeed lots of thinking we have revised, altered, re done plans over and over, there are a few things that are must haves and we want more room at the table so it's a bit bigger and a bit wider where you sit as well as maximising storage etc. John and Maureen seem to have made their decisions pretty quickly, but I guess they have been travelling for so many years now that they know what they like. So many things have changed, improved and are now included from when we got our current van 6 years ago. Have fun, it is very exciting. Cheers Penny
  16. Hi Guys, how are you both? It's a wonder you didn't run into Nev at the display yard at Kedron, he has been spending a lot of time there recently. He has been going there several times a week always with pen, paper, plans and a tape measure. We all found Paul to be extremely helpful and he has had a lot of experience at Kedron. As Tony said we are in the process of ordering and designing a new van, as are John and Maureen and another couple who are good friends of ours ( they came to the Xmas gathering). We are going with ATV for weight reasons, although with the Chev we could
  17. Nev and Penny

    Australia Day Gathering


    Loving the calendar. Hope people notice the additions.
  18. Looks fabulous Karen you are very clever indeed
  19. until

    I see now Karen. Looks fabulous , you are very clever. Penny
  20. All good Geoff & Lorraine, you are on the list. Looking forward to catching up.


    Penny & Nev

  21. Hi guys great you can joins us for the KOG Xmas party, wouldn't be the same with out you.

    I have made a group brooking for us, so I will let them know final numbers closer to the date. No need to book anything.

    All sites have power and water, showers at the show grounds $1.00 coins if you don't use your own.


    Penny & Nev

    1. RodnSue


      Thank you Penny , looking forward to catching up and hearing labour your holiday to Africa, it is one of our bucket list to do.

  22. Nev and Penny

    KOG Christmas Party

  23. Hi , This place can help .https://www.facebook.com/roosystems/
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