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  1. I have a 2008 Yamaha 15hp 2 stroke s/s in good condition and a Belco Cooper folding boat trailer with suspension for sale, Contact Neil on 0428732514.
  2. Hi Chris, We are not giving up travelling for good, we will just travel in winter, mainly north to the gulf. Tenterfield is a great place, liveable summers,wineries,freindly people and a good golf course. Neil and Julie.
  3. We Have settled in Tenterfield and are selling our rig, our van is an 07 21ft Top Ender in silver will all the extras ins diesel heater. We also may sell our 08 GXL Cruiser ute which has too many extras to list, we also have a 3.5 metre Quinnie and 15 hp Yamaha and folding boat trailer with suspension and boat loader. If anyone is interested I can answer any questions on 0428732514 and will e-mail photos. Neil Gale.
  4. Hi Rob, I am pretty sure that you will find that if you have a GVM upgrade that you can still only have a GCM (gross combination mass) of 7000kgs that leaves only 3300kgs for the van and it doesn't take much to get to that. Neil Gale.
  5. Hey Kimbo, They need that grunt for pulling out those heavy bogged 200 series. Neil. :biggrin:
  6. neil and julie


    Hi Tolley, Had Bridgstone A/ts on our Patrol For 5years and had 1 puncture and did the Gibb Road, Savannah way,Mereenie loop and the plenty of other roads including the Cape and got 70000Klms out of them. I paid $230 each for them,and if you divide the klms by the dollars thats pretty good,also they are a slightly softer compound so handling is better and less prone to the chipping most American brands get, also you could try the new Yokohama Geolander a/t-s we have had them on our Cruiser for 35000ks and touch wood very happy. Hope this helps as most people just believe what the ads say, and I think it is very important to rotate your tyres and keep them balanced and RUN the right tyre pressures!!! Good luck, Neil Gale.
  7. Hi Niels and Cynthia, We are in Franklin and heading to Cockle Creek for a week or so and want to do the Bruny Island cruise and wonder if your offer still stands for somewhere to park the van, if so could you let us know your phone# by e-mail neilgale47@yahoo.com or our mobile is 0428732514. Neil and Julie Gale.
  8. Hi Fellow Travellers We will be in Tassie from the 30th of November till the 10th of April, so we look forward to meeting any other Kedron owners down there. Neil and Julie.
  9. Hi Reg And Fran, I would suggest Peach trees Campground about 40klms nth of Kilcoy $4.85 pp pn water no power, toilets,bushwalks, it would be good for a shakedown tour as it has a bit of dirt, I would even take it up another 20klms then return as if you have anything loose this will find it also, check for dust inside. I would'nt recommend a Caravan Park,I'd bushcamp so you use your solar,water pumps and general self sufficency, also you have a bit of a climb up a range(black top) to make sure towing setup, brakes etc are how you want them. Great Travelling, Neil and Julie.
  10. Hi King and Deb, We will be going to King Ash Bay near Borroloola for 3-4 mths from June, so call in if you get there. Neil and Julie Gale.
  11. Hi Bob and Di, After much research I found ALL ALLOY CREATIONS at Brendale,Renee is the owner,he is a great young bloke quality work good price. Neil.
  12. We just said goodby to my trusty Nissan Patrol(long live the Patrol)after 4 years of touring and dragging 4 odd tonne around Oz, she went to a good home in Newcastle. Now we are just about ready to resume our wanderings in a couple of days and will slowly head south to Mitta Mitta which we are really looking foward to, We have attached some pics. We just hope the new Cruiser is as reliable as the Nissan has been. Neil and Julie. :thumbsup:
  13. Thanks Jody and Kimbo,I'll give him a ring. Neil. :thumbsup:
  14. Hi All, I am looking for the guy that does the upgraded GVM plates for the Kedrons,I don't need it for my van but for something else,it was a forum topic on the old KOG site. Hope someone can help, Neil Gale.
  15. Hi Peter and Tracey, I must admit I am a Nissan man,but with a standard engine they are a bit of a slug,i would suggest you go to a diesel specialist and get a 3inch exhaust and a k&n filter and maybe a biiger wheel in the turbo, this would set you back around $3000 and you have a new car that would do the job. In nearly 4 years on the road I have had no dramas with the Patrol, but now Nissan have lost the plot and don't have anything to pull a Kedron with. Hope I have been able to help, Neil. PS The Patrol running gear is much stronger and has a better offroad ability than the Cruiser9[iFS]
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