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  1. Hi All, I did the job on the windows after our first trip in our ATV 3 years ago. Quite simple. A tube of No More Gaps, one finger and a damp cloth to wipe any excess off. I did from memory the bottom slits first and let them set, them the top ones. Worked a treat, matched the white trim. No more bugs Cheers, Bruce :thumbsup:
  2. Hi Adam, there is heaps of free camping in Tasmania. Free camping in Tasmania and Off road tasmania you would find very helpful. Get them from a book shop or camping shop. The Tasmanian government have published a set of maps covering the four regions of Tasmania.They are titled Tasmania 1:250 000, then the region. Obtainable from Service Tasmania shops or agents. These maps give more detail than Hema. My mobile 0418120942. Cheers, Bruce :thumbsup:
  3. Hi Rod, I live in Hobart. Bruce :thumbsup:
  4. Hi Daisey, refer to my reply to Adam.Bruce :thumbsup:
  5. Hi Laurie, Thank you for the infomation from the BT site, I will crack onto the problem when we get home. Hope you and Helen have a safe and happy trip. Cheers, Bruce :thumbsup:
  6. Hi again Lional and Margaret again, just realised that we are going to be on the same sailing[12/9/09} to Tassie.We will be returning home after three months touring on the North Island. As of today we have clocked 12000 kls and are overnighting at Macksville. You have my number,we may catch up on the boat or before.Van rego is Z66CS. Cheers, Bruce :thumbsup:
  7. Hi Lionel and Margaret, When you come to Hobart if you wish give me a call. If the holes in the Swiss cheese line up we may be able to catch for a coffee. There are three Kedron owners in Tasmania to my knowledge. I would suggest you purchase a book, Free Camping in Tasmania,it would be a great help to you. My mobile is 0418120942. Safe journey, Bruce PS. Don't worry about the locals cutting corners. With two heads and four eyes the locals have you covered :laugh:
  8. Hi Rod & Mavis, you are quite correct on the low point gathering dust, our heater inlet pipe was blocked solid.I have bought a couple of rubber plugs to fit. Do you have a different idea. We also had the evaperator give up the ghost. It cracked top and bottom on all four corners at the back of the unit. Fortunatly the heater and evaperator were under warrenty. I believe a lot of people are having or have had evaperator trouble. Cheers, Bruce :thumbsup:
  9. Re my posting on our Dometic heater on 31/7/09 The air intake was blocked with dust that had gone hard due to water crossings, the heater had been blocked with dust also. Dometic reinstalled the machine today with the intake hose having a continuous downward slope from the heater to the intake point. They also installed another filter into the fuel line.The slope is a try to stop dust settleing in the intake and being sucked into the moter. When my machine was installed it had a low point in the intake. Also on dusty roads a plug in the intake and outlet is a must. Bruce :thumbsup:
  10. We are presently touring on the North Island with our ATV which is performing very well,our first long trip.However I can't say the same for the heater. We have just had the heater and intake pipe removed in Cairns and sent to Dometic to be fixed. Dometic have said without seeing the unit that they believe that the intake had an obstruction. This I believe when I saw the gravel and dust that came out of the intake. The unit is only 10 months old and it died after 4 weeks of Central Australian dust. How do people avoid this problem with their heaters. Laurie let me tell you that Tasmania dosn,t
  11. I understand that there are some Kedron owners planning a visit to the South Island in the not too distant future. As a resident of Tasmania I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have. This offer stands for any other ownwers in the future Bruce :thumbsup:
  12. :confused1: Does anyone out there have any ideas to share on how they secure the spare wheels from light fingered people. I have tried security chain, good quality locks but the dust beat me hands down.Bruce
  13. Thanks Alan, I think there is a need to carry some of the necessary just in case, never know whats around the corner. Cheers, Bruce :thumbsup:
  14. I remember reading a posting some back of one of the towns {or refueling stops } in the Gulf region where it was CASH ONLY!!! Can anyone refresh my memory. Cheers, Bruce :confused1:
  15. Hi Pete & Tracey, I take our cover off from time to time,certainly after rain and dry it off. Where we store our van it's in the open and the front section dosen't get any direct sun. I noticed the other day that mould was starting to form on the lower section of the front cover where the water drains and some moisture holds. In future in the Winter months I will remove the cover when not in use. Cheers, Bruce :thumbsup:
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