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  1. Looks great looking forward to the KOG group in November
  2. Hi Doug and Jean long time no see. What have you been upto lately would love to catch up sometime. Cheers Marg and Lionel

  3. We have had 2 vans with cafe dinettes and have found them great however in our last van we put the cafe dinette in the front of the van and love it as it seems to open up the whole area. Congratulations on your change I am sure will find it great. All the best From Lionel and Margaret
  4. Hi Russell and Sue good to see you on the move and we were pleased that we met you at Birdsville. Our van sat is all sorted and no more troubles. We are off to Marble Bar today after having a lovely look at the coastal areas in the Kimberley and the north of the Pilbara. After Marble Bar we will go to Karigini then back to the coastal areas. Enjoy your new venture. Cheers Lionel and Marg

  5. We will be leaving here on Monday weather permitting then off to Port Headland for a BIG shop after that we will head for Marble Bar then Karajini NP before the school holidays Cheers Marfg and Lionel
  6. Hi Colin and Gayleen We are currently at Cape Keraudren and did the GRR in early May so it is hard to know what it is like now. The jump ups are all bitumen now and the road from Kununurra to El Questro is also bitumen. When we almost finished the GRR we got rain at Windjana Gorge and were asked to leave so we went to Derby. I believe that the next day on the 17 May they closed the road. I also believe that it was re graded after that period of rain but how it is now will depend on how much rain they will receive. It seems to be in the port Headland area apart from being in Broome early June
  7. We have been in Derby now for 12 days Lionel tipped scalding water on his foot and it is taking a long time to heal.he goes to the hospital daily for new dressings and fortunately it has not got infected. We were hoping to move on the the west coast before all the tourists arrived but fortunately in Derby we have our van in friends yard so no caravan park fees. Will keep you informed and maybe we will catch up with other KOG members some other part of W A if however you are in Derby please give us a call so we are able to meet up Cheers Margaret and Lionel
  8. Hi Rick and Lea Sorry to hear all your horrid news hope thing will start to improve both emotionally and physically for especially a quick recovery for ankle Lea Cheers Margaret and Lionel
  9. It is a lovely way to travel we took our first Kedron across that way about 7 years ago and many people at Dalhousie we shocked to see a van there. Safe travels Margaret and Lionel
  10. Hi Russ and Sue Lionel and Margaret are heading towards Birdsville around the 5th April it will be wonderful to catch up with you and pick your brain about WA. We have never been to or through Birdsville so decided to head that way before heading north. We hope to spend most of our time in WA once we get there with no time restrictions Cheers Lionel and Margaret HUT42
  11. Hi Mark We have a 21.6ft XC3 built last May and came in at 2680kg Included in that weight is the washing machine, 1800watt inverter, satellite dish on roof and grey water tank We tow this with a 200 series land cruiser Cheers Lionel and Margaret
  12. Hi Rob I had a problem with the battery in the breakaway system on previos van and contacted the manufacturer.I suggested connecting to house batteries and was told if the breakaway swithh is pulled out and left the battries will supply power long enough to cause magnets to catch fire. The small bat in the controler will go flat before this happens. Cheers Lionel
  13. Hi Red Rubi I had a similar problem on our previos van. The problem was a broken main spring. The end was broken off but retained by the rolled over end of the second spring. Apart from the axle mooving about half inch it was not noticable. I believe i traveled some 2000k before noticing a problem and I was looking for a missing center bolt when the break was found. Cheers Lionel
  14. HI all I had a problem with brake controler and rang the manufactures in Adelaide. I was going to connect directly to the house batteries and was told that if the switch is pulled out the batteries will supply power for long enough to cause fire in the magnets (approx 1-11/2 hours) Lionel
  15. Hi David & Jane Our car and van on the shore of Brodie lake in the central highlands of Tasmania Lionel & Margaret
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