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  1. Hello thanks for including me on your friends list

  2. Colin! was that you we missed at Loxton on Monday? Warren Gorge out of Hawker has plenty of camp spots 20ks of dirt road, Kanyarka ruins 15ks south Hawker is interesting(give you a scope of hardships faced) In Flinders make a base at either Rawnsley Park or Wilpena and do day trips mud maps can be obtained at Rawnsley if staying there . Willow Srings has bush camping with showers,toilets(no power) IF yes IF they have reopened SKYTEK (on willow spring ) spend the $55 and have a magic day of fabulous senery and good 4wd takes approx 6hrs and must be started before 10 am Brian
  3. Trish, Carl what are you actually wanting to do? Broken Hill is some 600 ks from Lake Eyre. If you do decide you want to reach Lake Eyre---Prarie Hotel at Parachilna serve some great road kill meals--take away packs also. Farina Ruins 40ks south Maree is a must $5 per person hot showers,toilets GRASS sites. Lyndhust drive 2 ks up Stezelecki Track visit Talc Alf (outback gentleman) this will take up hour or two.Flights over lake can be taken from Leigh Creek, Marree, William Creek , Coober Pedy current cost $250 per person 1 1/2 hr flight from Marree, William Creek. William Creek flights take in more of the North lake than from Marree. Halligan Bay on the North lake is approx 70ks from William Creek and is currently very corrugated for last 40 ks. hope this is what you are looking for Brian last phone service at Leigh Creek, plenty of motorist on roads for assisatance . Lyndhurst has the RAA recovery serviceman (flat bed) if you are really worried
  4. I, Lisbeth, thank Deb for all her work to keep this web site online.Thanks also goes to all the leaders of the KOG for their difficult year and hard work.
  5. Chris, We are on our 2nd Kedron,purchased nearly 2years ago because we wanted a toilet/shower. We are thrilled with our van,as we were the first one. Now it is our home and we hope to keep traveling for many years. Our choice of returning to Kedron was not just the quality of the van,more importantly it was the integrity of the company.They do not say they are perfect but they try hard to put out a trustworthy product that is safe,sturdy and attractive.The Gall family and their staff have been the most helpful company we have ever dealt with. We are proud to tell everyone about our Kedron van.
  6. Rod/Mavis, Lis and I have just been down this road also, with the help from Kimbo we have purchased and joined the HF Radio Club. this will allow us to contact Base stations at set times (skeds)and report in our location,how long we intent being there. If we request our position is flagged and updated on contact. it also allows us to contact other members(565 current) by selcall(own personal number). the best feature is this radio will enable us to direct dial to home/kids(big ones) cost of $1 connection plus $0.50 per minute with 6 minute limit. the added bonus will be the social side of the club . hope this helps in some way. will await reply's from Tony, Rick, Neil, Roger and Kimbo
  7. Rick when you do get it clean ,use tyre shine in spray can over whole of chassis, when washing next time dirt ect easily removed. Warning be careful when standing on draw bar as it becomes slippery once sprayed.
  8. Chris in response to your question will our t/d do the job with 201kw's and somewhere around 480-500nm of torque the answer is "YES."
  9. This is Lis on my computer--Kimbo returned to the north---is heading down to The Flinders Ranges. He and we,will be in Parachilna tomorrow(Friday 21st) We are spending 2 weeks in the area if you are around Kingy. Anyone else in the area???
  10. Yep we can possibly do that King always ready for a beer :thumbsup: Keep in contact, Deb might still have my ph/no if not send an email to me and I will send it to you Kimbo on Brians puter
  11. Greg,Judy, well, the van is at least 6 hours old, we hope you will be served with fabulous times,safe travelling, able to enjoy the Kedron experience like a lot of us. Brian, Lis.
  12. Check out this catchy song on a new video clip !!!! Dads_not_going_to_like_it.htm :laugh:
  13. We are writing on behalf of Kimbo whose computer has retired permanently. They are in Kakadu at Yellow Waters.They are moving out tomorrow and heading to Shady Camp before going to Darwin. He asks," If in the area look out for him and Ned,they are starved of KOG".
  14. Something_for_you_clever_folk.html :confused:
  15. Welcome Bob and Annette, Our brains are easily emptied on to these pages. We love the caravan life and the sharing that goes with it. Have you planned your first trip yet?
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