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  1. Thanks Barry, Yes, that is exactly the same way I found about the leak - damp floor near the bed, (ours is a 2006 van also) I also tracked it down - running along the top of the wheel arch. I have already replaced the fitting once - it didn't seem to make much difference. I might take the fitting apart and see how it seals, and see if I can improve it!!!!! I'll also see how the one way valve works. If it still leaks - I guess I'll buy another fitting and see if I get a good one this time.... Cheers jeff
  2. Hi - Just wondering if anyone else has experienced leaking from the mains water connection on the side of the van. Since new, I have noticed that sometimes I get dripping from the connection inside the van. Some time ago I bought a new connector and installed it, but every now and again, I still get leaking. I have put a small container under it, and check it regularly, and empty it when gets some water in it. Not sure, but I think it happens more often when NOT connected to mains water - it seems the pump, pumps up the pressure in the system, and the pressure leads to the connection leaking. I have tightened all the screws at the back of the connector, and my next job is installing a one way valve in the line just down from the connector - maybe that will work!!! Has anyone else experienced the same issue - would like to know alternative solutions. Thanks Jeff
  3. Hi, did the Oodnadatta Track in July from Marla through Oodnadatta, William Creek and Maree. Was in pretty good shape - no trouble at all. Bit of road works going on, and slow through those, but otherwise fine. Dusty though!! Will have to improve my dust sealing efforts for next time - ended up taping over the door each morning, but as in another thread, found the inside step trim was letting in dust. Have fixed that since - took the metal strip off and sealed it all before replacing the strip. Met Tony H in the Flinders who told me the hot water system also needs sealing - thanks Tony - I'm getting around to that one!!!! As you can see in the photo - road looks like a freeway!! Cheers Jeff
  4. Thanks to everyone for the advice - sorry it has been a while, but just got back and have attacked it today. Seems like everything should be working OK - ie one way valve seem to be doing its job, as water only goes one way. All I could see was that the gasket inside the connector was pretty hard - so I took Rod's advice and lubricated it with some tap gasket grease. I'll see how that goes next time!!! jeff
  5. Hi, I am having trouble (again) with the mains water connection - it is dripping into the van, onto the inside of the wheel arch. The water is dripping from the screws in the connection inside the van - I have made sure they are tight. The water then runs along the arch and either onto the floor near the bed, or onto the floor in the cupboard depending on how level the van is. I have had this problem before and replaced the inlet connection, but seems to be happening again. I would like to say it only happens when connected to mains pressure, but it seems to also leak when I am operating just from the tanks - maybe the pump sends water under pressure back up the pipe to this connection??? Anyway - has anyone else had any issues?? Any solutions/ideas will be greatly appreciated. At present have a plastic container on the arch to collect the water, and I empty it regularly - not a lot, but enough to be annoying. Thanks Jeff
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies - gives me something to think about. Jeff
  7. Hi - Heading off from Brisbane to Port Stephens in a couple of weeks, and meeting up with friends at Gloucester on the way. I'm thinking of going down the New England to Uralla, and then heading down Thunderbolt's Way. I'm a bit concerned about the road, (hilly, winding etc), and wondered if anyone has towed their van down this way recently. I tow my XC2 with a Nissan Pathfinder, and although it has a Steinbauer chip, it certainly knows the van is behind it. I have towed up the Toowoomba range, Cunningham's Gap, up the New England Highway etc with no trouble - wondering if Thunderbolt's Way would be harder than these??? Jeff
  8. Thanks John - I'll get in touch with the Van parks and see what they say. Jeff
  9. Hi, Later in the year a couple of us will be travelling around North and Central Qld, and we have booked some time on one of the Islands in the Whitsundays. Just wondering if anyone has any information on leaving cars and vans parked somewhere around there for a week?? Jeff
  10. Greens

    Birthday Boys

    Thanks Chris - I have had a great day, even though I'm not travelling at the moment. I hope Flipper enjoyed his as well!!! jeff
  11. Hi, Just wondering about the fridge plug in the cupboard?? I would prefer to switch my fridge off, some other way than the thermostat, if I can. I have had a look in the cupboard, but can't see any obvious plug to the fridge. You wouldn't have a photo would you?? I have an XC2, 2006 model, so maybe it doesn't have one!! Thanks Jeff
  12. Thanks Colin - really appreciate the photos. Will definitely look into this - trying to get reception in the bush with the current aerial just doesn't work. Sick of having to sit in the car to listen to the football on the radio!!!!
  13. Hi Tolley, Interested in the replacement radio aerial with the"quarter wave length HF antennae". :question: Can you give me any more detail about this antennae - I'm very interested in improving the reception I get in the van. Thanks jeff
  14. Hi Evan, I have a Cross Country Kedron, (about 2200kgs empty, so I suspect at least 2700kgs with all our junk on board), and I have a Nissan Pathfinder diesel. Although rated to tow 3000kgs, I think I am stretching it as far as it should be. I put a chip in it, so the standard 125kw/410nm will have increased a bit - but it is still only a 2.5 litre four cylinder. I take it easy and like Russ, stick around the 90-95 mark on the highway. I certainly know the van is there, but we get along OK. I have been up the Toowoomba range a few times, and a little bit of dirt that was reasonably steep, and it has been fine. The first time I went up the range, I was nervous enough to start with, and then I got caught behind a large truck right at the bottom. I had to almost stop behind him to wait for traffic to pass. Thankfully, I was able to pull out and accelerate and pass him, which gave me a lot more confidence with the Pathfinder. I have seen Kedrons being towed by the 3 litre TD models - and I know the 4.2 in standard form is probably a bit down on power and torque than the newer diesel engines, but I would have thought it would handle 3000 kgs anyway. Not sure what they are rated to tow though. Cheers jeff
  15. Hi, Just out of interest, we were at Peach Trees on the weekend. Great spot to spend some time. I have attached (hopefully :confused1: ) a couple of photos. Cheers jeff
  16. Hi, I have had same issue if the electrics shut down - ie the batteries run too low. Say the fridge runs batteries below 11.4 V or 30 something %, the system shuts down/turns off. When it turns back on, (fridge turned off, or solar re-charges batteries), the radio/CD player comes back on in stand by mode. Has happened to me in middle of the night - light comes on down the end of the van :confused1: . I am about to upgrade the solar/battery system to make sure I have enough power to keep the fridge (230L compressor) going - I think I have probably killed the 2 x 120amp hour batteries by running them down too much :sad: . Cheers jeff
  17. Hi Glen and Debbie, I think the Genquip is same as Kipor brand - both yellow anyway :laugh:. I bought a 2KVA Kipor, but it failed to start the air-con, so it went on E-Bay straight away. I see Genquip have a 3300W on sale now, https://secure.genquip.com.au/shop/, for around $2,000. This should start the air-con, but it is much bigger and heavier as well. Here is another site - sidewinder, that has their own brand - http://www.sidewinder.com.au/page137.html. This is 2.6 KVA and not as big as the Genquip model, but still bigger than the 2KVA Honda. I'm not exactly sure what relevance it is, but the Sidewinder has a 171cc capacity against others that vary between 125cc and 140cc. Have a look at generator/inverter in E-Bay and you can see all the import models - many obviously from the same manufacturer in China. At the Qld Caravan show that is on this week, I see the generator place has an ad in the newspaper supplement for Honda EU2.0i for $1,799 (which includes the $200 cash back from Honda). Also included is extra gear, (security cable, extended to 5 year warranty that is supposed to be worth $185). (http://www.generatorplace.com.au/). I haven't yet bought anything - keep changing my mind :confused1: But I think I will end up with the Honda - it fits into the slide out tray, and I would have to remove it for any others. I have been assured it does start the air-con - and in the end the brand name and warranty will make my mind up for me. Jeff
  18. Greens

    Copeton Dam

    Hi Lesley and Geoff, Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately we didn't visit Bingara - just spent the night at Copeton dam - on our way back home and had run out of time. The dam has lots of different areas to stay - cabins with powered sites in one spot, powered sites on their own further in, (where we stayed) and anywhere else you want to free camp. I was surprised how big an area it is, and how big the dam is. Lots of camping space at the moment with water level down to 12% - less water, more ground!! It is a State park, so you pay to go in and then to camp - it was $18 for the night for the powered site. Lots of facilities there, including a pretty impressive water slide park. We were there end of November - also got carried away by flies. Had plenty of bushman's on, but that dodn't seem to deter them too much. Also - the tourist info centre at Inverell is a beauty - one of the largest I have seen. Jeff
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