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Replacement battery charger

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TonyH    407

My Xantrex (TC4012) 40amp battery charger died, throwing funny unrecognizable fault codes.

Gave it the once over spoke to Xantrex rep's also Springers both were unable to assist.

Did some research on a replacement unit, decided on an Enerdrive EN31260  60amp charger, and Springers were the best on price! $660 delivered ordered on Saturday, delivered Tuesday (lunchtime) great service.


The Xantex unit was approx eight years old and from day one had been very noisy in operation ....fan noise. The charger is mounted in the front boot not far from my bedhead, the noise & vibration certainly took a bit of getting used to when trying to sleep!

This new unit is 50% greater in output (than the Xantrex) so it recharges a lot quicker and with less effort, sure it has only been installed for one day so far but the cooling fan has only come on momentarily & it was sooooo quiet.

No extra parts or fittings were need to swap the units over (other than a few cable ties) the Enerdrive unit was easy to 'set up'. 

Fingers crossed I get many years of peaceful/powerful service from it!


Disclaimer I have no association with Springers other than being a happy customer.:D

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Bas    69

"That there is little fan noise and it comes on only momentarily"......... is almost enough motivation alone to changeover.

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BobR    35

I have an Enerdrive 40 amp charger. It has a silent button on the case, when you press it it goes into silent mode for 12 hours, with reduced output but the fan doesn't come on at all. Fantastic at night, totally silent.

It was installed by Enerdrive two years ago to replace my previous charger which failed during the warrant period. The old charger was so noisy I used to turn it off at night.

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