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Big Mike

Working on roof of ATV

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Hi everyone


Just a simple little query.


I'd like to do some work on the roof of my ATV (taking the hood of my air conditioner and giving it a clean out) and was wondering if anyone has worked out a way of working on the roof of their Kedron without denting or damaging the roof.


I've got three solar panels on the roof so don't have space to run a plank from one edge of the roof to the other.


Any simple solutions?









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G'day Big Mike,

Bigger Tony here, I recently had the same dilemma. Bearing in mind I'm 6'3" and approaching the wrong side of 120k's??

I got a suitable ladder, asked 'the cook' for an old bedspread or similar, spread this out over the solar panels then on top of the bedspread I placed a piece of 1.2m x1m x 20mm plywood (wouldn't suggest anything less than 20mm as it will flex too much) on top of the solar panel mounting brackets, on my van and probably yours as well the actual panel sits just below the top edge of the mounting bracket. I was then able to carefully get onto the roof and remove the cover for the A/C without any resulting damage to the roof or panels. Whilst I was up there I also removed and cleaned the hatch covers, that made a big difference in the amount of extra light coming into the van.

make sure the solar panels are clean also!


Would strongly advise that you have an offsider on the ground to assist you if attempt this procedure!

I kneeled on the wooden panel whilst I was on the roof......if you don't have back pain now .....you soon will....lol

Good luck, stay safe

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Hi Mike

Tony nailed it pretty well.

While at Elliott Heads a few years ago we had a/c problems and the fellow from Bundy that came out to resolve the problem, used a sheet of thick ply to spread his weight while removing the a/c cover and working on the unit.

I have since used a sheet of ply when necessary to get on top of the van.


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Tony and Bas


Thanks heaps for taking time out to reply. 


I was thinking a thick sheet of ply might be the go, so thanks very much for confirming I was on the right track.


Thanks, especially to you Tony. I'm 6'5", and almost a member of the over-100kg club also!




Safe travels





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Ha ha ....I'd love to belong to the 100kg club.....but that's another story!!

Stay safe.

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