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Peter and Rommy

Taking the Plunge

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Let me start by wishing you all a merry Christmas

Rommy and I have taken the plunge and bought the XC5 which we take delivery of in Jan 2019 - so not long to pick up date now

We're both new to the caravaning scene, although we did hire one back when the kids were kids and spent a great time in the snowfields in Vic.

Were  based in Adelaide, so it'll be a direct route up to Kedron and then a leisurely drive back home via the eastern seaboard - first stop Byron Bay. That's as far as I've got but thinking to go via Canberra and then through the Vic high country. 

The next trip will be in June /july probably up through Alice to NT

Savannah way is on the list, also the Creb track - up in the  Daintrees (minus the van). There's so many great places


Anyway I hope we meet at some point in time 


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Welcome to the Kedron Family. 

Merry Christmas to you both and what an exciting 2019 awaits you.

Wishing you lots of safe travels and happy memories, hopefully we will meet you on the road somewhere or at a gathering.


Clive and Sandra 

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Welcome Peter and Rommey!  It is good to see you join the Ked ron family.

We also live in SA (we are up in the Barossa Valley) so we may join up with you sometime, in your nice, shiny and new van.


When we drove up to QLD to pick up our new van we went up the most direct route (through Mildura, Hay etc) but came back via a meandering route through NSW and Victoria.  And how exciting it is to plan a trip with a brand new Kedron.


I made a list of all the things we would need in the new van, which was divided into two parts ; those items I could take from home, and those which would have to be purchased new in Brisbane.  This was things like tea towels, cutlery, pots and pans, sheets and towels etc.  I found it very helpful to have that list.  Still have it on the computer somewhere....


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