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Portable Satellite Dish

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We are considering purchasing a portable satellite dish as opposed to replacing our Jack Aerial (which provides poor reception at best). I assume many out there have purchased one of these rather than getting a $3-4K permanent satellite dish on the roof? Therefore I am interested in any opinions on quality brand names and ease of use. Also, where do you store it whilst on the road?





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Hi Kym

We initially purchased a very basic and cheap dish and I regretted it every time we set up as it was difficult to get a good fix on a satellite and it was bulky. It was a relief when the pivot point between the dish and the frame broke and although it could have been repaired, we decided not to. We were in SA on our way East to Vic and some research on line found an Optima T2 which is made by Satplus at Noosaville (find it on Google). However, we purchased it in Edithvale in Vic which was close to friends who we were going to stay with.

The dish is made of fibreglass, and hinges in half to make it compact. The stand is in two parts and they are pretty much precision made.

A good quality bag is provided to pack each item in.

Setup now takes minutes rather than the at times hours.

We have a 2004 ATV and the dish and gear is stored in the left front beside the batteries etc.

It is not cheap but quality never is. We paid $595 inc GST, two and a half years ago but not sure what the current price is.




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2nd vote for the folding fibreglass dish.... we find it brilliant. Also get a good quality signal finder not a cheapy and you will look fwd to setting it up!! and probably help others on a regular basis...

Happy travels


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