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  1. 2nd vote for the folding fibreglass dish.... we find it brilliant. Also get a good quality signal finder not a cheapy and you will look fwd to setting it up!! and probably help others on a regular basis... Happy travels John
  2. State :NSW City / town :Terrey Hills (Sydney North shore) Business / Contact name :RVgo Address : 26-30 Tepko Road Terrey Hills NSW 2084 Ph: 02 9986 2952 Web site: http://rvgo.com.au/ Type of work : General maintenance Comments :Usuallty booked a couple of months ahead but appear honest and was happy with their work. Kedron was happy to liaise with them.
  3. Something similar happened to me. Turned out to be an air lock. Now there is probably a proper procedure for fixing this but I filled each (3) tanks till each flowed out their respective air breather pipes and the problem was fixed. May be worth a try. cheers John
  4. Gday 2nd vote for Lake Hart.... 31 13' 58"S 138 24' 19"E Enjoy your travels... cheers John
  5. Well the day came and went!! Handover complete ... very very happy! Everything we had hoped for so far! Cheesy pic with Glen attached!! cheers John
  6. I have had a head knowledge of the different workings of WDH and rear airbags... but this little video has crystalised it for me. I hope it may be of interest to others also. cheers John
  7. We have an Advance II modem that we can plug into an external aerial 3G/4G http://www.gadgetguy.com.au/product/telstra-wifi-4g-advanced-ii-netgear-aircard-790s/ My Iphone has more data that I use 16Gb / month shared with my wife and so for $5 per month I got an extra sim that goes into the Advance II and shares the 16Gb. If we get close to the 16Gb when travelling ... we can put in a normal prepaid sim till the 16Gb refreshes ... but this rarely happens. The Modem above, on an aerial, gives us much better distance/speed under the same conditions as the Iphone being used as a hot
  8. Gday Chris Thanks for the Welcome! I hadnt noticed NT till you drew my attention to it... Unfortunately NSW based ... Sydney actually! cheers John
  9. Hello all We are now under 4 weeks (10th March) from picking up our van from Kedron so I though it was time to stop lurking, join up and say hello! We have had a camper trailer, an expander type caravan and most recently a Starcraft and in 2016 took 3 months to see NT and WA. We are now looking fwd to getting a more solid van that will be a long term keeper! Hope to see some of you on the road some time. cheers John (and Lisa)
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