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  1. BJW44


    Hi Merv & Chris. Thanks for your replies, how big are your battery capacities and solar panel sizes? Regards Jim
  2. BJW44


    Which fridge to choose, 3way or Compressor. Which brand of compressor fridge?
  3. Blinky. The fix that Kedron has done for me is legal as per the requirements from the main roads as it is not obstructed from 20L/M from behind nor obstructed from the 20L/M at the 45% angle of sight and is within the 1.3L/M height limit on my van. Have you tried moving your spare's apart? The only problem that I may have is if the Main Roads measure the van length, this then would raise the issue of where to mount the spare wheel, if it is deemed to be over length. Kedron are at present seem to be installing the bracket to new vans.
  4. Gary Please find attached the relocation that "Kedron" have recently carried out. 1. Removed the plate and installed pop rivets and painted same. 2. Removed plate light. Installed reflector to cover light cable hole and installed reflector to other side to balance out visually. 3. Lengthened light cable to come out through the checker panel covered with stainless steel Cowell, cable tied the cable in split conduit to new location. 4. Installed new bracket and reinstalled the number plate. I had to relocate the spare to the left hand side for them to install the bracket in the center, this gives me the option of an additional spare if required. I trust this is of some assistance.
  5. Might pay to make sure the height you have nominated is 1.4 L/M in QLD the plates a to be positioned no more that 1.3 L/M. https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/registration/numberplate/replace-change/index.html#requirements
  6. Thank you every one for your advise and recommendations, I have had the work done by "Bashi's Auto Electrical" at Caboolture. They have done a very neat professional job exactly as I wanted it and I am very happy with the work. Thanks again for all who gave me their input. Kind Regards Jim.
  7. Thanks Peter and Tony. Peter have you had any work done by Springers? I realize they are 12volt specialists, but the thing I would be concerned about is if they could do auto electrical work. But I will check them out when I'm down that way next week. Kind Regards Jim.
  8. Could any body advise a good auto electrician on the north side of Brisbane to carry out the battery separation and installation of an Anderson Plug and constant 12vlt power to an Engel fridge plug. I realize when doing this I will have to upgrade the existing batteries to a larger capacity. Regards Jim.
  9. 2015 GXL. Electric with blinkers. Chrome Finish. Regards Jim.
  10. Could anyone advise the type of towing mirrors that you are using on a 200 series Landcruiser?
  11. Hi all. I have arranged to have the Redarc Tow-Pro brake controller installed next week along with the Tow-Pac at the dealership. I have also purchased a GME TX3550 S 5watt 80 channel LCD speaker microphone UHF Radio + Uniden AT870 6db Antenna. As the radio has a pure sound path mic/speaker and also a speaker on the radio body, this I have installed under the driver's seat which is out of the way. I purchased this unit as a package from Gadget City $419.00 which after a lot of research consider it to be a good price. As for the antenna placement I have to decided to go the bull bar install as I have got a good price for the install through the dealership. The next thing is the Redarc dual battery isolator Anderson plug and the constant 12vlt power plug to the rear of the vehicle for the Engel Fridge. Eventually I will upgrade the batteries to lager capacity prior to our trip next year but for now the new OME ones will do. I would like to thank everybody for their advice and input for my project. Kind Regards Jim.
  12. Thanks Merv I will follow up on the mounting brackets. Regards Jim
  13. Hi Merv and Stu. What type of UHF radio antenna have you installed with the radio? I have not got a bull bar or nudge bar and probably will not be fitting one. Regards Jim.
  14. Hi Merv. Thanks for your advice I will have a look at the GME website. Regards Jim
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