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  1. Try CaravansPlus https://www.caravansplus.com.au/external/vents/parts/fiamma/
  2. Hi Rod, Looks very good. I am going through the same process now. One comment though. You seem to have the fuse very close to the inverter. The fuse should be located as close as possible to the battery. The purpose of the fuse is to protect the cable in case of a short which would allow excess current to flow from the battery through the cable. Having the fuse distant from the battery does not protect the cable if the cable shorts somewhere along its length before the fuse. This situation could happen if for some reason the insulation became damaged. Attached is a copy of the appropr
  3. I recently had my 2008 ATV suspension (Tandem independant leaf) serviced at Cruisemaster in Brisbane. The service included replacing the rocker bushes and spindles with greasable ones, and replacing all four backing plates (incl magnets and shoes), replacing all four drums with new. The total cost of the service was $ 2995. Attached is a copy of the invoice for reference. Cruisemaster Invoice.pdf
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