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  1. with our 2017 VX, we put in a pre diesel filter and just drive it, lovells upgrade for our XC5, save your pennies it really inst needed
  2. hi Chris, well it seems we do have a login, cheers
  3. Hi All Has there been a gathering for keddie owners the southern states?, if so when is the the next one I'd be keen to arrange a gathering in central Victoria or on the fluerieu in South Australia Suggest a date of the 9th of March, being Adelaide cup could just do the weekend Ideas of cheese and wine and share your experiences We are a family of 4 with 2 young boys We are #Laketouringaustralia.com I'll put it up on facebook and see how we go Regards Anthony
  4. hi there We have a XC5 22'5 with a tare of 3050 and ATM of 3990, after having the lovels btc upgrade to a GCM of 7800 kg we are very impressed of how our vx cruiser (2017) drives, My view on the big american utes is they would perform well out on the open road, but if this is your daily driver, id hate to park it in a supermarket parking spot. regards
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