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  1. Hey Brian ..... have you recovered your van yet? Sorry you missed a great gathering at Kilkivan but hope to see you next year, probably with a “brand new Kedron”. Cheers ..... Richard & Liz
  2. Photos of the 2019 KOG Gathering Who says a President can’t eat and talk at the same time?
  3. Can only add our congratulations to President Tony and his team for a great gathering at Kilkivan. Appreciate the work behind the scenes to make it all happen! Good to see such a big turnout of owners and once again a big thank you to Ralph and his team for making us so welcome!
  4. I wonder if anyone out there can offer me advice on the use of caravan covers? Firstly, my ATV sits in the driveway when not in the "great outdoors". I do not have it connected to 240v power but rather rely on the 2x 130 watt solar panels to keep the batteries topped up. Is it worthwhile considering a caravan cover to protect against UV damage to roof hatch covers etc? It would need to have specific unprotected sections for the solar panels to continue to operate. If worthwhile considering, can anyone recommend a supplier/manufacturer who can provide a heavy duty cover and who can customise the roof section to accommodate the solar panels? Would appreciate any advice on this matter from fellow Kedron Owners ...... Thanks
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