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Hi Fellow Kedron owners,

We are looking at replacing our Honda 2.0kva generator because it won't run the air con when it's hot (39 degrees+). I have been looking at the Genquip 3300 and it is just a fraction too tall to fit in the gen box in the van. The box opening height is 470mm and the generator is 475mm,it may only be 5mm difference but it is enough to stop it going in. I read on another topic that someone cut the handles off the generator, this is a bit to radical for me they a heavy enough with handles to carry around.

Any advice anyone can give me on how to get the generator to fit in neatly would be a help as I don't want to butcher the box to make it fit.

I believe these generators are becoming popular with caravaners because they can run the air con, washing machine, battery charger etc. all at the same time.

A report(good or bad) on the generator if you have one would be very helpful as well.


Barry Askew

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Hi Baz & Shirl,

This is a link to a slide for a Yamaha generator to fit in hatch which may be of some help -



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Hi Baz,

I did own a 20i Honda generator and found it would run the aircon OK with everything else turned off.

After three years I ordered a new Kedron and found it would not run the new front load washer, so purchased a Genquip 3300 and it was money well spent, and yes you can run many things at once, and because it does not work hard it is much quieter than the Honda.

I carry the Genquip in the back of my ute now but I carried it in the generator box in the caravan at first, I had to grind the small aluminium lip off the bottom of the box just in side the door, you will get it in and out without much effort as I did.

Cheers for now

32 Kev

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Hi Baz,

I have the genquip and it did fit in without cutting the handles but you had to be patient. I ended up cutting about 10mm off the top just above the lifting handles but not affecting the strength too much, no problems anymore fits easily.


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