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  1. Hi Tony, I think you are one lucky dude, we no doubt all have our stories, I have RACQ full road side assist and have had for many years covering many vehicles i have owned, my Chevy Silverado broke down a couple of years ago RACQ had a local tilt tray truck come and take it to a repair center, shortly after they contacted me and said they have just learnt that the Chevy had a GVM of 4.5ton and their policy will not cover that weight, they said they would cover the vehicle this time and i had to call in and see them and either cancel this cover or transfer it to my other small vehicle.
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    Genquip inverter generator DSP 3300 Gi, in good working order, serviced regular, location Biloela QLD asking price $ 550, contact Kevin 0427048879
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    32 KEV

    Thank you all for your replies, it sounds like the fans run while the charger is on so I will have to live with that, yes I did put it in my vehicle to charge 2x 120ah AGM when on grid or gen power, happy travels. 32Kev
  4. 32KEV

    32 KEV

    Having concerns on a 40amp centaur battery charger, I purchased this charger second hand to put in my vehicle, it is a 2008 model and I was told it was in working order, hooked it up and it doe's everything right, the thing I am concerned about is from when the charger is turned on and through to float mode, the two cooling fans continue running never stop even on 4 degree nights. I took the load off the batteries so the charger would not start charging, but the fans still kept going, can anyone shed some light on this for me please. 32 KEV
  5. Hi Nev, Thanks for the advise, in brief I will fill you in on my battery failings. My ATV is just over 8 years old, we live in our van and our batteries survive 10 months of the year on solar and generator, we run compressor caravan fridge, 76 litre national luna freezer, a 40 litre Engel freezer, and a 32 litre Engle fridge on the very rare occasion have the 4x120ah AGM caravan batteries fallen below 12.3V. I also have 2x 120AH AGM batteries in the vehicle, and they link up to the van at night. Our first set of Ritar batteries lasted 34 months, our second set of R
  6. Hi Russnsue, Chris and Lynn, A question relating to the Sterling Power 60 amp Charger. As I said earlier I fitted this charger to my van because it had the generic Lithium charge on it. As my AGM are now over two years old, (this is my third set) and I getting worried that I will have to replace them shortly, so time for me to gather more information. Can the Sterling charger charge lithium batteries as is, or do you have to have other bits and pieces of electrical equipment. If you fellas could help me out with what I have to do, and what I need to purch
  7. Hi Curley, What Jacky Jacky has said sounds right, there is another thing to look for should all else fails. I had my front load pulled down for other reasons and repaired, and while the machine was out of the van I tested it, and yes it did the same as you have stated, and I had the drain hose higher than the washer, so I called the repairer and he called in and pulled the washer down, and he had forgot to plug a set of wires back in to a control box. Possibly this plug may have come loose, or the control box it plugs in to may have died. Just a thought.
  8. Hi again, have been out of internet service for a while and have just read your replies, thank you for your speedy response, have not had a chance to remove the window as yet but will try in the next few days, also the blue polish sounds the go will try it to. Cheers 32Kev
  9. Has anyone removed the tinted Perspex window from the frame in their van. A whirly wind hit mine when opened and pulled the top aluminium sections apart on one end and now difficult to close. There are four fixings holding the top aluminium strip to the window frame they are a bronze colour and don't look like screws or pop rivets, thought I would ask for advise before I do the wrong thing. Kevin
  10. Hi Sully, Just got back on the internet and read of your problem, mate I know how you feel same thing happened to me. I have a 2008 ATV and last year by accident noticed that the pipe fitted under the A frame for strength had broken off at the front of the A frame on both sides, I will add I have air bag suspension on the van and was towing with a 100 series land cruiser at the time. I contacted Kedron to see if they could shed some light on why this may have happened as my van has done no rough roads at all, although some of our sealed roads are worse, well Kedron did say they would
  11. Hi Leon, The canopies other readers have listed are quality canopies I looked at all these when I to was chasing one, and I went for Metalink canopy GXL their address is Palmwood Queensland and I found their canopies just a little stronger and the finish second to none. Have a look at Metalink when comparing quality and price, they to have extras to add that will blow your mind. Their website is www.metalink.net.au Cheers 32Kev
  12. 32KEV

    Boot gas struts

    Clive, I agree with Tony H, more room to work and check things in boot, BUT tell me where do you sit your stubby now the boot lid is not level?. 32Kev
  13. Hi Nev & Penny, I will still be there in July so I will put you on the right track then. If you have not been there before, when you get to King Ash Bay fishing club you can stay at their camp grounds both powered and unpowered sites at reasonable rates and all facilities, or you can drive through the fishing club for a further 6 or so Km to Battern Point. Camp spots there you have to take pot luck as campers come and go all the time you would be very unlucky not to get a spot and when you arrive make yourself known and other campers usually know who is leaving so you would not have to
  14. Hi Beejay, I will certainly give you any good spots I find while I am there, when I am about to leave Cowell I will leave info on the forum if you like, do you have a GPS ? that way I can give you coordinates. Cheers 32Kev and have a good Christmas and New Year.
  15. Chasing fishing spots or GPS marks for King George whiting, Snapper, Squid and Crabs at Cowell, I will be going there at the end of January 2015 and leaving start of February, staying at harbour view caravan park. Have not fished the Bay before only outside from Port Gibbon, so any help would be appreciated. Then I will be going to Battern Point in the Northern Territory, if anyone needs fishing info there I can help. Cheers 32KEV
  16. 32KEV

    Boot gas struts

    Hi Barry, Thanks for the good information, a bit late for me, I purchased 2 replacement struts for the boot also about 1 month ago, identical to the original and cost $84.00 for the 2, have recorded your info for next time. 32Kev
  17. Hi all Chev owners, if you have not already been bitten, I would like to give a bit of information on where not to have a service carried out. This year I had a 40,000km service at Performax West in Perth WA and was shocked to say the least, I later checked with Performax International in Gympie QLD on the same service cost at their centre and it was less than half of what I was charged in perth. I have since talked to other Chev and Toyota owners that have had a service done on their vehicles in Perth and they also were shocked at the high service cost. I was always told that WA w
  18. Hi Russ, 32 Kev again, the report on the LiFePO4 batteries sounds promising, I hope there will be a 12 month follow up again. A question for you, I fitted the Sterling Power 60amp charger to my van and all is working well, could you tell me did you bridge the two unused charging poll's to the one used that runs to the battery positive. The reason I ask is in the user manual it states that if only one of the three charging terminal is used then the other 2 terminals should be bridged to the one working, then further on it states that this is not necessary with the new technology but good pr
  19. Hi Russ, Yes I look forward to your report on the lithium batteries, as there is not much info floating around about their use in caravan's that I am aware of. Cheers Kev
  20. Hi Russ, I decided to go with the same as you the Sterling Pro-Ultra 60amp, the reason I went this way was I had to change my 4 battery's again, they have only been lasting just over 2 years ( but that's another story ) and I was going to replace with Lithium battery's but was unsure about the process and added expense, so next time I have to replace the batteries' I will go with Lithium and I will have the charger to charge them. By the way I got prices from many dealers in Australia and the lowest price was $835, so I tried over seas and the USA was the best price of $520 + $82 freight and
  21. Thank you for your reply's, have taken note of your charges and will follow them up with others I have been told about, and hope I make the right decision in the end. Again thank you for the information you have given, it always helps to have somewhere to start. 32 Kev
  22. Hi all, I have a Victron energy Centaur 40amp 3 stage battery charger installed by Kedron in my caravan in 2008 to charge 3x 120ah AGM battery's, I am not 100% happy with this charger and would like to replace it with a more advanced one with a higher output as I now have 4x 130ah AGM battery's installed. I am looking at a charger of 50amp charge rate or larger, I have been told to look for one that has a stage that will recondition or equalise the battery's!!!, to increase battery life so I am told, I never let my battery's come down under 75% capacity, but my battery's have all failed aro
  23. As Tony H said easy as, I replaced the light globe with an LED which is a bit larger in diameter an shorted the holder wiring out now I have to find out where I can find a replacement for it, so be careful if you are not replacing with a genuine globe. 32 Kev
  24. Hi JK, Thanks for your reply, yes my tow ball mount would also upset the sensors, but where the sensors are fitted on the lower part of the canopy, the floor section 150mm above extends out about 40mm further than the sensors, I did not think this would affect them but Performax told me it does, and like I said metalink is not being very helpful.
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