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Blackies Hatch

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Greetings all, What a fantastic weekend, between the cafe & bowls we were kept occupied. it was a lovely spot too.

So the HATCH thing! Well the upshot is no I can't have a full opening due to the wheel arches being longer to accomodate the independent susspension.However they are going to put a genie hatch door (no box ) on the side but some of the opening will be obstructed.It's a compromise I will have to make.

When we got there our chassis & floor from Friday arvo had turned into walls , flooring , cupboards & a bathroom shell......... so we are underway.

Cheers Elle :thumbsup:

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That's fantastic guys - not long now, but it seems to take forever!

all the best


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That's fantastic. Won't be long now! The last bit takes the least!

As we said at Imbil, we're jealous of your forthcoming big trip!

Good luck with the new van, and we look forward to seeing it, and you both, at Noosa!

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I heard this to be a fact today also whilst visiting Sydney

so you cant hide even the words out in NSW


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Good on you can't wait till it's our turn maybe 18 months?

Love your van looked good in our yard Have a wonderful time travelling.

Robert and Jewel


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