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  1. blackie

    ANZAC Day

    We have spent ANZAC day in Cloncurry.It was lovely to be in a small country town , the service was humble & moving. The march to & from the service was well attended by the youth of the town from both schools,scouts & girl guides.The future of our Anzac traditions will be in good hands.
  2. Hi Ian & Sue We have one as well & love it.We will be heading over your way June? July? next year, will have to have a coffee. Cheers Shane & Elle
  3. Hi Chris & Val Will you be heading our way?. We are back at the cane farm,you know that nice free stay. You are making us GREEN with envy, we just love the Savannah Way.looking forward to the trip report. Cheers Blackie & Elle
  4. Funny you should mention the goat. We were only talking about that last month when we spotted some feral goats out Thargo way. :shades: PS - Goats are fetching $1.70 (live weight) out Cunnamulla way Shane thought you may want to sell your goat???
  5. :laugh: Just a quick shot to share of our view from the deck of our weekend escape up here at Lucinda , looking out to Hinchinbrook Island. Ahhh.... a lovely 27 degrees too. Hope you're not too chilly where you are LOL :laugh: Cheers Blackie & Elle SORRY JUST HAD TO ADD ONE MORE IN THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS ANNE, JODY & ERIC , RICK & LEA BACK TO WORK TOMORROW UGGHH!!!
  6. Well I did not get it right the first attempt wasn't shrunk. Here is the right one. Elle
  7. Hi Rod & Mavis, Yes there was a few tears shed when we sold the Patrol & a few times when we have missed it but in the BIG picture we are so glad we have made this step.Shane is not as tired when we pull up at the end of a days driving. The F-y pulls the van effortlessly. :thumbsup: Sounds like word of the Mc Hitch is spreading quickly. I think it will have a big place in the van industry. Our travels are going to stop for 6 months now while we do the cane harvest in Ayr again. if I get it right there is a shot below of our new unit?? Luv Elle & Blackie
  8. Hi Rod & Mavis, We too have installed the Big Yella Fella & are quite impressed. We have now completed 4000k over quite a variety of road surfaces & have been impressed the whole way. Like you we are no longer running the weight dist.bars. It rides, brakes & maneuvers brilliantly. Glad to hear it was worth the effort for you too & Joe McGinnes was a pleasure to deal with too. Cheers Blackie & Elle
  9. Hi Alan & Jayne ,java script:emoticon(':helpsmilie:', 'smid_5') We have had 2 straps fitted to the bra that enable us to under-roll the flap & then secure it up with the straps.the straps have a metal eyelet at the end which is slotted over a securing pin. I mention under rolling as the foam padded tends to degrade quickly in the weather . Love Laurie & Helen's idea that is a winner - again just ensure the foam is not exposed to the weather for lengthy stints. Hope that helps Cheers Ellejava script:emoticon(':smile:', 'smid_11')
  10. Hi Greg, Thank you for your investigation into this hitch. We too fit into "the heavier van" category. With this being our permanent 24/7 home for 2 years now - it is up there in weight. We have managed to eliminate excess a few times now but we are getting down to bare knuckles now for things to throw out. We will certainly look further into the viability of the whole unit being re-complianced. We certainly do not want to tow 6T however to have a "legal" weight of just over 4T will be good. I can see brakes , suspension etc.... will have to be considered the same as a tow vehicle up-grade i
  12. Greetings everyone, Just a short line to say Hi, we are well & off to our month or so of fishing up near Limmen Bight - now the roads are passable again,then onto another new job. Pulled into Sunset Caravan Park in Isa last Friday & who was there.????? Gayle & Evan from Crows Nest - they are both looking well & enjoying being on the road, they said hello to all from those Christmas visits & NO they will not go back to cook us the great meals we used to enjoy!! Cheers Elle
  13. Hi Chris & Val, firstly , Congratulations on your spiffy new set up. We too were not impressed with the kerchief size shower curtain arrangement & nowhere for toilet roll. Solution to toot roll was easy once new curtain was installed. I went of to a curtain shop in Dubbo, purchased a powder coated aluminium flexible curtain track & set to bending it where needed. It now covers from 10 cm past door , over door, around toot & to the back of the vanity unit, - all of which now no longer gets wet. Which gives me somewhere completely dry to hide the suction stlye toilet roll holder
  14. Greetings , just thought we'd send some shots of the flooding here. Looks like we will be here for a couple of months now, at least we have some work!! Cheers Blackie & Elle
  15. blackie


    Greetings All :helpsmilie: Just wondering if anyone has any contacts at Lorne, Vic. Shane & I have worked lined up BUT can't get in to any of the parks. Its frustrating because coming into their busy time they need more staff around the area but can't (won't) offer long term in parks - so much for the traveling worker. Regards Elle
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