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Tyre pressure

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I am embarking on an outback adventure, first tackling the plenty Highway, than the tanami Dessert road and finally the gibb river road. could somebody please advise the correct tyre pressure for the TE 5 Kedron Caravan and the Landcruiser Lc 200?



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Hi Ernst.


We have just done the same treks. The 3 treks you mentioned are all a bit different.  You may need to adjust your tyre pressure to suit. Several times we re-adjusted to suit the conditions ie the corrugations, stones, rocks, bulldust etc.


In general, we ran our ATV for two at 30psi. Our 200 series Landcruiser at 28psi front and 32 psi at back. We had no tyre problems, all good.


Just be flexible and be prepared to adjust your tyre pressures to suit your rig. What suited us, may not suit you..


All the best, and enjoy the journey; we certantly did.




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Hi Ernst,


I have attached a Tyre Pressure Chart which may or may not be of use to you.

It was actually put together by someone on the KOG site some time ago but seems to have been lost in the transfer over to the new web site.

I hope it helps you out


Tyre-Pressure Calc.xls

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