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Enerdrive dc2dc


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I have just perched a 40amp dc2dc Enerdrive charger

i am going to mount it in the boot next to the charger

Has anyone ran cabling threw the drawbar and up into the boot

any help or handy tips greatly appreciated 



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G'day Rod,

I also have the Enerdrive 40 amp + dc2dc charger it is a great bit of gear.

I replaced the original 'lighter' factory fitted wiring with Cross Section (mm2)  33.6 with a 120 amp Anderson Plug

The original cabling was routed along the inside of the A frame/draw bar (NOT inside the draw bar) I ran the new cabling the same way with appropriate convoluted tubing for protection.

Your call, if you run the cabling through the draw bar.....but I don't like drilling holes in my draw bar! 

I also upgraded the wiring from the cranking batteries to the back of the vehicle fitting a matching 120 amp Anderson Plug.

These chargers are capable (and do) charge close to 50 amps and you need cabling suitably sized to minimise voltage drop and overheating of the cable.

These dc2dc chargers are capable of being a solar controller as well......I left my original solar controller in place so it operates separately to the dc2dc.....giving me a little bit of security if either the dc charger or the solar controller fails I still have the other to maintain charge....hope this is of assistance to you.

See cabling sizing chart in attachment.




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