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Trip to Gawler Ranges (SA)


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As we live in SA, where are (theoretically) no COVID-19 cases, we are free to travel intrastate.  So we headed first to the Flinders a few weeks ago.  And then we travelled to the Gawler Ranges NP.  We came out from the park earlier today.


What spectacular country!  I didn’t imagine it could be so special.  Gorgeous goldS and reds In the Ranges, and interesting foliage.  We had the best camp site in the best campground in the whole park, I think.  

We camped at Yandinga campground.  It can accommodate up to 9 camp groups, according to the booking website.  The sites are large and well separated.  Ours could take two or three vans if in a group.


The only facilities are a drop toilet and fireplace at most sites.  Given there were freezing nights, a fire was nice for cooking or sitting around.  When we got up yesterday, the Weber BBQ was covered in ice.  But days were sunny and warm.  Perfect.


The road out there was fine, although that changes on a regular basis, depending on when last graded.  The short track into Yandinga was very corrugated.


There is so much to see and do in the park that we didn’t get to see or do it all.  Another trip! 

We left this morning as previous weather reports said rain was due in a day’s time.  Now of course, that has changed and rain is not due at all.  Sigh.


Anyway, here are several photos.




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