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Floor replacement


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Does anyone know how easy it is to replace flooring?  Our van is a 2009 Top Ender, and quite a few knocks and dents are making the floor look old and tired.  I am guessing it’s a major job, and it’s not one the factory were keen to undertake.  The floor is the vinyl wood-look.

Has anyone had their floor replaced?

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Hi Chris.


I’m not sure where to start here.  I have frequented Kedron numerous times over the years and have seen a number of vans being built.


The vinyl flooring is laid in one piece and bonded to the timber floor underneath. Then the furniture/ cabinets are installed.


I would suggest replacing the vinyl flooring would be a major drama.  I haven’t heard of anyone doing it.   

However, like you,  I sure would be interested to hear if anyone has.


All the best with this project.


Cheers from Pete

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