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  1. Merv and Di

    Birdsville races

    Hi Kevin & Judy There is bush (free) camping both sides of the road as you come into Birdsville between the river and the town itself. Camping between the river and the actual race course is reserved for the trainers/horses. They have water taps now on one side of the road and during the races they have rubbish bins and portable toilets on the other. Enjoy Merv
  2. Merv and Di

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Hi John & Jo From what I can understand those fitted prior to Ist June will be legal. Cheers Merv
  3. Merv and Di

    GVM and tow upgrades

    Hi all This is going to throw one hell of a spanner in the works for those considering an upgrade. New National Rules from the 1st June no more GVM upgrades by second stage manufacturers, the original manufacturers rating is final. Prexisting approved modifications are grandfathered, so no problems there.10.6 The towing capacity of a light vehicle expressed as Gross Combination Mass (GCM) rating or Rated Towing Capacity or Maximum Braked Towing Mass rating must not exceed the value set by the first stage manufacturer. Second stage manufacturers are not permitted to increase the towing capacity as part of an SSM IPA that results in a GVM upgrade. (Courtesy of another interested forum) Cheers Merv
  4. Merv and Di

    Van Service

    For those interested please remove any recommendation by us for Harding Swift as a service Company for our Kedron. A huge great big thank you to Johnno of Mobile Trailer Services at Kedron for fixing what should not have be done. Cheers Merv
  5. Merv and Di

    The Big Red Bash

    I am glad that you are happy with the rims Tony and yes, we just cannot get away from the Grand Parents duties no matter what. Merv
  6. Merv and Di

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Leon. I know that you can get 20's in the ST Maxx's but I believe they are not cheap and I think a special order. Merv
  7. Merv and Di

    The Big Red Bash

    Hi Tony There are two dump points in Birdsville, one either end of town and water is freely available last time I was up there. They had a water line ran out to the River (Race Course side) on the northern side of the road from town. As far as remember it is also available at the town bore, right turn after the Pub. Enjoy your trip Merv
  8. Merv and Di

    Tyres for Chev Silverado

    Hi Leon Not that his might help you but I dropped back to 18's mainly for the ease of availability and am now on the second set of Cooper ST MAXX's LT275/70R18. These tyres have not missed a beat, we got nearly 75000ks's out of the first set. I run them at 60psi all round and drop back when off road. You must rotate them for maximum life. The current set cost me $475.00 each at Tyre Power. Cheers Merv
  9. Merv and Di

    Club 4x4 Insurance

    That is great news Di and Andy. Any victory over an Insurance Company when they start playing funny buggers is certainly one to celebrate. And another one for Ken Tame. Cheers Merv
  10. Merv and Di

    Club 4x4 Insurance

    Hi Andy I have been there and I wish you well. The Insurance Company's now will use any excuse they possibly can to deny your claim. The reviews that you have requested are done "in house" by the Insurance Company and I would be very surprised if you get a different result as they will only look after themselves. I suggest you take it straight to a Solicitor and have them lodge a claim with the Financial Ombudsman if there is such a thing in Qld. If you are successful you can then claim your legal costs back from the Insurer, but this can take some time. All the best Merv
  11. Merv and Di

    Towing with Toyota Cab Chassis

    Hi Jaap The other consideration to be aware of is that there will be a greater chance of the old "tail wagging the dog" syndrome, the ute will be a lighter than the 200 series. Apparently new Chev LTZ crew cab will be hitting the floors from the HSV camp mid year at $135k not sure whether on road costs in included. I saw price on another forum. Cheers Merv
  12. Merv and Di

    Towing with Toyota Cab Chassis

    Hi Jaap Please forgive my ignorance but wouldn't you have the same problem with either vehicle? I wouldn't have thought that there would have been that much difference between the two, might be a little more with the single cab but the dual cabs would have to be very similar. How much weight are you talking about? Cheers Merv
  13. Merv and Di

    2012 Top Ender 21ft For Sale, full ensuite.

    Thanks all, the ad has now passed 1000 views of people interested. The van has only just had a full set of new tyres fitted along with new battery charger and new main window (front side) blinds being replaced by Dometic. So all in all a great van now even greater available for a new home and new adventures. Cheers Merv
  14. Merv and Di

    Van Service

    Hi Paul Harding Swift looks after ours. Colchester Rd Kilsyth. Cheers Merv
  15. Merv and Di

    Eyres Rock proper

    Far too clean for the back door. Looks more like highway mode. AYERS rock.... Cheers Merv