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  1. Club 4x4 Insurance

    That is great news Di and Andy. Any victory over an Insurance Company when they start playing funny buggers is certainly one to celebrate. And another one for Ken Tame. Cheers Merv
  2. Club 4x4 Insurance

    Hi Andy I have been there and I wish you well. The Insurance Company's now will use any excuse they possibly can to deny your claim. The reviews that you have requested are done "in house" by the Insurance Company and I would be very surprised if you get a different result as they will only look after themselves. I suggest you take it straight to a Solicitor and have them lodge a claim with the Financial Ombudsman if there is such a thing in Qld. If you are successful you can then claim your legal costs back from the Insurer, but this can take some time. All the best Merv
  3. Towing with Toyota Cab Chassis

    Hi Jaap The other consideration to be aware of is that there will be a greater chance of the old "tail wagging the dog" syndrome, the ute will be a lighter than the 200 series. Apparently new Chev LTZ crew cab will be hitting the floors from the HSV camp mid year at $135k not sure whether on road costs in included. I saw price on another forum. Cheers Merv
  4. Towing with Toyota Cab Chassis

    Hi Jaap Please forgive my ignorance but wouldn't you have the same problem with either vehicle? I wouldn't have thought that there would have been that much difference between the two, might be a little more with the single cab but the dual cabs would have to be very similar. How much weight are you talking about? Cheers Merv
  5. 2012 Top Ender 21ft For Sale, full ensuite.

    Thanks all, the ad has now passed 1000 views of people interested. The van has only just had a full set of new tyres fitted along with new battery charger and new main window (front side) blinds being replaced by Dometic. So all in all a great van now even greater available for a new home and new adventures. Cheers Merv
  6. Van Service

    Hi Paul Harding Swift looks after ours. Colchester Rd Kilsyth. Cheers Merv
  7. Eyres Rock proper

    Far too clean for the back door. Looks more like highway mode. AYERS rock.... Cheers Merv
  8. Kedron ATV Tyres

    Hi all We have just gone through the second set of Wranglers 265 75R16 made in all places, Indonesia, and both sets have worn out rapidly. There is no way known that I would fit them again. I spoke to Ashley about them late last year and he amazed that they were not the USA made ones. We are just about to fit a set of the new Falken AT3W Wildpeaks @$220.00 ea which makes them a great price and all the reviews have come in very positive. Cheers Merv
  9. Called into the Mother Ship

    We dropped into the factory last week and came across ATV42 and has a great yarn along with meeting Steve from Steve&Kaz at Hervey Bay. Simply amazing who you meet and where. We had a good look at the new vans and they will be remarkable. When ours is finally sold we would be looking at the brand new XC5, which is going to be just a tad lighter than our current TopEnder. cheers Merv & Di
  10. Where are you right now?

    32 degrees, crystal clear blue skies, has to be Palm Cove. cheers Merv/Di
  11. Replacement battery charger

    It looks like the Xantrex have a life span of around 5 years, mine has just gone too and yes I to have replaced it with an Enerdrive 60amp, They have gone up a little in price in last couple of months to $699.00 in Melbourne at Battery World. Cheers Merv
  12. E Power 400ah lifepo4 battery

    Hi Chris Can I ask what was the final figure for your system and how long did it take him to fit, and apart from the batteries what else was required? Thanks Merv
  13. Hi Peter Welcome to the forum. I think that the XC3 unless very small as in 16' is still going to be far too heavy for the Pajero. I think that you will have to sit back and do some calculations as to your GVM and go from there. All the XC3's on the caravan sales all state ATM of 3500kgs. It might be an idea to post a question here to find out the weights of actual owners setups and take it from there, or put a call through to Kedron and ask them. Good luck Merv

    If you can take the overnight tour to Horizontal Falls and stay on board, it is our only regret when there last year that we didn't do. The little extra money is well worth it. Cheers Merv
  15. Jolybe

    Do not use the bracing points that Kedron have installed unless they have been suitably braced and strengthened where they are welded to the main chassis rail. Cheers Merv.