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  1. Called into the Mother Ship

    We dropped into the factory last week and came across ATV42 and has a great yarn along with meeting Steve from Steve&Kaz at Hervey Bay. Simply amazing who you meet and where. We had a good look at the new vans and they will be remarkable. When ours is finally sold we would be looking at the brand new XC5, which is going to be just a tad lighter than our current TopEnder. cheers Merv & Di
  2. Where are you right now?

    32 degrees, crystal clear blue skies, has to be Palm Cove. cheers Merv/Di
  3. Replacement battery charger

    It looks like the Xantrex have a life span of around 5 years, mine has just gone too and yes I to have replaced it with an Enerdrive 60amp, They have gone up a little in price in last couple of months to $699.00 in Melbourne at Battery World. Cheers Merv
  4. E Power 400ah lifepo4 battery

    Hi Chris Can I ask what was the final figure for your system and how long did it take him to fit, and apart from the batteries what else was required? Thanks Merv
  5. Hi Peter Welcome to the forum. I think that the XC3 unless very small as in 16' is still going to be far too heavy for the Pajero. I think that you will have to sit back and do some calculations as to your GVM and go from there. All the XC3's on the caravan sales all state ATM of 3500kgs. It might be an idea to post a question here to find out the weights of actual owners setups and take it from there, or put a call through to Kedron and ask them. Good luck Merv

    If you can take the overnight tour to Horizontal Falls and stay on board, it is our only regret when there last year that we didn't do. The little extra money is well worth it. Cheers Merv
  7. Jolybe

    Do not use the bracing points that Kedron have installed unless they have been suitably braced and strengthened where they are welded to the main chassis rail. Cheers Merv.

    Hi Ted & Hermy By all reports the road up to Cape Leveque at the moment is pretty good considering the traffic that is up there. When you get to Broome have a chat with some that have been up there to get a real time road report.. Enjoy your trip. Cheers Merv
  9. GVM and tow upgrades

    10K.......Ouch............! But if that is the price for peace of mind, so be it... Cheers Merv
  10. Ford F150 caravan (trailer) backing assistance

    Hi Paul They are a great truck but they also have the highest number of factory recalls against any other vehicle in the USA. People still cannot work out just why the Ford out sells Chev or Dodge Ram in their trucks because of this. Cheers Merv
  11. Grey water tank

    Hi Gary You might have a problem with the fall for all the piping (four from memory) depending on how the hoses are running you might be able to get away with two inlets, one for the kitchen combined with the vanity and maybe a conjoined one for the shower/washing machine depending which unit you have. The other thing is that you would need to put in on each side a drain preferably 32mm. You can use the existing breather on top of the water tank as an overflow to alleviate possible problems with water return. We had ours made by Abbertanks and they are brilliant, so it might pay to have a talk with them and this way you can decide where you actually want your inlets.breather, outlets and size and I would also look at putting a decent size drain plug in the bottom of the tank to completely drain the waste. I also attached a 13mm hose onto the breather so I could flush out the tank after a long trip. The longest we have kept grey water in the tank is 48 hours and have noticed a slight aroma starting to intrude into the van so now nothing is kept longer than 24 hours and this way we haven't ended up with the normal soap sludge in the bottom of the tank and hence no smells. There are a lot of trees around that need water.... The other thing I would be looking at is having a decent guard/rack made to hold it up with a little extra on the leading edge to stop sideways slippage. Spend a bit of time under your van and then download Geoff's design and alter it to suit your van, this I think would be a better way to go than using the existing water tank and trying to modify it. On top of all this use SMOOTH bore hoses not the internal ribbed ones that Kedron were/are using for their waste plumbing, that is where you will get a lot of smell coming from. Cheers Merv
  12. Red Foot

    HI john Most of the ones that I have had a real good look are are designed for 'on road' reasonably level surfaces that you would normally simply use leveling pads. I don't think they would last very long travelling some of our outback roads. But good luck in your search. Don't forget that the stabilizers on the front and rear of the vans are not there to be specifically used as levelers, they are not that strong. Cheers Merv
  13. Shocker hitch

    Thanks Tony.
  14. Shocker hitch

    Hi Tony Is there a separate plate between the receiver and the tow tongue to stop the receiver from moving sideways or is it only the two bolts that prevent this movement? I was reading a post on the caravaners forum stating that a plate was to be welded to the tongue to prevent this movement, truth or fiction or not required? Thanks Merv
  15. Kedron RV Pop Top 2001 17ft 6" ext. VGC $19,000 neg

    Hi Heather I think that you may have forgotten to put a price on the van. Cheers Merv