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  1. Why not simply put a set of duallies under the rear and take to an auto engineer to have increased. There is nothing else done between the 2500 and the 3500 maybe slightly heavier rear springs. Your 2500 can tow 4.5 t on the ball and 7.5t 5th wheeler. Don't forget a light truck endorsement will be required for vehicles over 4.5t. From memory the 2500 comes in at 4536kgs unless you have had it derated Cheers Merv
  2. Once again thanks to all who have enquired. We have done some magnificent trips since we first advertised our van for sale and we have given some very serious thoughts about not parting with it because it is just an unbelievable quality product from Kedron, but we have still come to the decision that we will keep it on the market for some who have yet to see the wonderful great big land of ours both on and off road. Cheers Merv/Di
  3. Hi John They are both top vans and will follow you anywhere, within reason that your truck can go. The main difference between those two are weight, the Top Ender is simply a heavier van. Ours is a 21’ and we have taken it almost every where from the top of the Cape to the desert roads/tracks to the Gibb and touch wood we have never had a flat. We were looking at the same Companies as you now are and what totally sold us was Kedrons after market service with smile attitude and nothing is a problem for them no matter where you are, if you need a problem sorted, they sort it. You won’t go wrong with these vans, it is pretty hard to break one. Cheers Merv
  4. Hi John The simple answer is that is what Kedron vans are made for. The latter XC5 has a slightly better suspension but it will always come down to tyre pressure and speed. You won’t go wrong with either of these vans, XC3 or XC5. cheers merv
  5. Hi Bryan We originally went and bought a 3.7kva generator to run every thing including the air conditioning when up north if we needed. How many times have we used it for this purpose? None!! When we have had to use it was only to recharge the batteries which cope extremely well including using the washing machine (4kg front loader) we have never had to use the air conditioner 'up north' as we find with the windows open including the front the flow through ventilation is more than enough and a 12v fan. Any way we have now dropped back down to small 1kva generator to recharge the batteries and with only a third of the weight and better fuel economy and I am not busting my gut trying to lift the thing. We also carry it in the back of the truck, not the van, less down weight on the tow ball. Food for thought. Cheers Merv
  6. Welcome Liz and Graham You will be in very good hands with Paul he has a wealth of knowledge and will probably give you some great ideas. We have looked at down grading from our Top Ender to the single axle Compact and have checked them out at the factory just prior to the Brisbane show. I am sure that they will certainly impress you and you will not regret your purchase. Cheers Merv
  7. Hi Kevin & Judy There is bush (free) camping both sides of the road as you come into Birdsville between the river and the town itself. Camping between the river and the actual race course is reserved for the trainers/horses. They have water taps now on one side of the road and during the races they have rubbish bins and portable toilets on the other. Enjoy Merv
  8. Hi John & Jo From what I can understand those fitted prior to Ist June will be legal. Cheers Merv
  9. Hi all This is going to throw one hell of a spanner in the works for those considering an upgrade. New National Rules from the 1st June no more GVM upgrades by second stage manufacturers, the original manufacturers rating is final. Prexisting approved modifications are grandfathered, so no problems there.10.6 The towing capacity of a light vehicle expressed as Gross Combination Mass (GCM) rating or Rated Towing Capacity or Maximum Braked Towing Mass rating must not exceed the value set by the first stage manufacturer. Second stage manufacturers are not permitted to increase the towing capacity as part of an SSM IPA that results in a GVM upgrade. (Courtesy of another interested forum) Cheers Merv
  10. For those interested please remove any recommendation by us for Harding Swift as a service Company for our Kedron. A huge great big thank you to Johnno of Mobile Trailer Services at Kedron for fixing what should not have be done. Cheers Merv
  11. I am glad that you are happy with the rims Tony and yes, we just cannot get away from the Grand Parents duties no matter what. Merv
  12. Hi Leon. I know that you can get 20's in the ST Maxx's but I believe they are not cheap and I think a special order. Merv
  13. Hi Tony There are two dump points in Birdsville, one either end of town and water is freely available last time I was up there. They had a water line ran out to the River (Race Course side) on the northern side of the road from town. As far as remember it is also available at the town bore, right turn after the Pub. Enjoy your trip Merv
  14. Hi Leon Not that his might help you but I dropped back to 18's mainly for the ease of availability and am now on the second set of Cooper ST MAXX's LT275/70R18. These tyres have not missed a beat, we got nearly 75000ks's out of the first set. I run them at 60psi all round and drop back when off road. You must rotate them for maximum life. The current set cost me $475.00 each at Tyre Power. Cheers Merv
  15. That is great news Di and Andy. Any victory over an Insurance Company when they start playing funny buggers is certainly one to celebrate. And another one for Ken Tame. Cheers Merv
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