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  1. Hi eveybody A big thank you for the info on my question, I have spoken to Kedron, and I like the idea of having the gen in the tow truck good idea. Thanks KOG
  2. Hi everybody The construction of our second Kedron is about to start, and I've been interested in the generator issue, whanting to get away from the Honda 2kva, does the genquip 3300 fit into the gen cubby hole in the kedron? Thank you
  3. Hi guys Hey try this when cooking in the van, a shower cap over the smoke alarm, works for us.
  4. Hi Jeff try this unclip the hose at the back of the inlet point and see if it has an insert in side the hose which stops the hose from being squashed out of shape when the hose is connected to the water in let point cost about 25c for the insert
  5. Hello everybody I was wondering if any members are aware of this new Qld Government Legistration introduced on Jan 1st, in regards to Power Leads i.e. When on powered sites as in a Van Park your power lead must have a current Tag certifying that it is safe for use.
  6. Hi ya CCC Hey we've had our kedron 5 years 4 batts, 4 125 solar panels, and still on the same Batts Our Van has been our home for 5 years so it gats a bit of a work out around the country mainly out western Qld where we do a bit of work When ever where on 240 V power our charger is on all the time as my understanding is that the batt's don't like being disscharged so I've been told
  7. :thumbsup: Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year From David and Sharyn Kedron No 600 XC
  8. :confused: Hi Rod & Mavis Look I most certainly do not profess to know all about these hitches, but I have seen one snapped off & it appeared that the hitch had been wound up tight to off center causing one of the align bolts to snap, which is why I put a padlock through my hitch so as it cannot be wound off center, you can't rotate the hitch with a padlock in it. When your Van is unhitched, this area really needs to be protected from people interfering with. I hope this is of some help
  9. :biggrin: Hi I've been reading your info on the McHitch can it be secured to prevent low lifes from interfering with the hitch while youre away from the Van and Car. i.e. We have had our H/R hitch interfered with while we were away from the Rig
  10. :smile: Hi Brian & Dawn this is David & Sharyn we have had our XC 20' external for 5 years now and Sharyn claims it has been places a car wouldn't have gone. With the fridge vent all we do is clean it out vacum out the dust in the cooling vent and in the comperment no fuss our fridge has never been above setting 3 only after Sharyn has defrosted the fridge rest of the time it sits on 2 still nice & cold We spend a lot of our time in the dust currently in Mt Surprise Qld for the Tourist Season prior to this we were at Birdsville last year for the Tourist season so we're around dust all the time
  11. :thumbsup: Hi ya Reg & Fran. We have the new 70 series V8 Troopy, and have just had a Rapid chip fitted along with a 3' exhaust. The improvement in instant power is unbeliveable. With the rapid you can switch it off when your not towing. The 3' exhaust has improved our fuel usage when running around not towing the van, depending on how you drive. When towing the van & the chip switched on there is a a big improvemeent in power you will really notice this when travelling up hills or overtaking, fuel use has improved a little when towing, depends on how you drive but the best thing I like is to have the instant power when you need it and not spending a long time in the lower gears, plus it's good to be doing the speed limit with ease, and still have plenty of power if needed :thumbsup: David & Sharyn
  12. Hi ya Peter. We had the Kedron boys change our fridge door veneer covers when we had the van built so give them a bell. We have a 20' XC No 600.
  13. :thumbsup: Hi-ya Kimbo and fellow KOG members. We have just returned from our first trip of pulling the van with the new cruiser and I must say we got a few surprises. On the trip north to Brizzie our economy was 21lt's per 100k's that's with the air-con going and sitting on 95 to 100 k's. Running around Brizzie without the van we got 13lt's per 100k's, also while home I did some investigating into the air box problem with this series. I did away with the factory fitted air-trap on top of the snorkel and replaced it with a safari air ram. On our return south we travelled via Cunningham's Gap, pushing a horrendous head wind all the way, with air-con going and sitting on 95 to 100-k's and got 19lts per 100k's. I really don't know if that's good or not as I didn't take any notice of our fuel usage with the previous car. However this new one is a lot easer to tow with simply due to the increase in power, it's nice to know when your towing that you've got a lot more grunt available to you if needed.
  14. Hi Kimbo yes We're eagily awating for the opportunity to try out the V8 Towing. We haven't had the chance yet as due to my work commitments here in Dubbo. When we took delivery of the car it was just a quick trip home to Brizzie without the Van to change over cars then back down here to have it fitted out with all the extras. It does go like a scalded cat. Our previous car was a troopy 4.2 Turbo & this new one has heaps more power. We're taking the Van home for the Chrissie break so will see what it's like towing the van then & I'll let ya know The work I'm involved in is working around westeren NSW with the Rail Corporation they have some new V8's plus I get to mix with the mine people through the rail business & the mines have the V8's And as you can imagine the blokes that drive there vehicles Drive them like ther Stolen. So I look forward to any Info I can get from these blokes regarding the V8
  15. Ahhhh----- Thanks Kimbo I hope I got it right this time Interesting stuff ya find out when ya buy a new Towie, I spoke to the Toyota people here as our car had it's first service, all they said was they haven't been told anthying from head office, how ever they did say it's possible ( the air box ) could be a problem, due to the heat in the engine bay, even the fuel lines run through cooling chambers I notice on the 200 series the air box is twice the size of the 70 series, & plastic, yet there the same V8 motors, with different turbos, 70 series one big turbo, the 200 with 2 smaller turbos.
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