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  1. I travelled this track a long time ago when touring with a tent and given the trials of time I am unable to remember it in enough detail to be confident I would get the Top Ender through without grief. I do remember though that it was an incredibly enjoyable experience and would like to do it again. We will be travelling alone - the tow tug is a "tricked up" 200 series Landcruiser with amongst other things a HF radio. I understand that it is a bit wet out there at the moment so hoping it will dry up enough by the time we expect to be there which is mid July so lots of road report checks to be done while we are travelling. If it is dry enough and the advice is that the terrain isn't too radical we will certainly come home that way. We are travelling primarily up the NSW & QLD coast to Innisfail (working) from home in NE Vic and then down the Kennedy Hwy/Dev Road to Boulia, on to Birdsville where we will then head east towards Windorah some 117k's before turning south towards Cordillo Downs en route to Innamincka, Moomba, Cameron Corner, Tibooburra, Broken Hill.
  2. Recently had issues with the Webasto heater - lots of smoke, but no heat. Changed fuel, flushed & cleaned system. Didn't consider checking air intake pipe but stumbled over a 6" solid blockage - monster wasp nest. Should have known because a couple of years ago I was filling the TE water tanks and an almighty explosionare salting in a seriously fractured (beyond repair) water tank - water was dribbling in, never fill under pressure but a wasp nest in the overflow was the problem and it is amazing the subsequent pressure buildup. All my overflows and air intakes are now protected with shade cloth held on with cable ties. If you have wasps around your way this remedy may save a heap of grief.
  3. Hi Team, A bit to late for your Christmas stocking but it is getting closer - have a look at the attached picture of the new Codan lightweight aerial.
  4. G'day Team, The solution is very close. I had an update from my "in the know" contact last Friday. The new Codan self tuning aerial is about to go into production and is expected to be available by Christmas (this Christmas - 2009) - it has been a long wait. The new aerial is a 2 piece unit - all the tuneing gadgetry is tucked in behind the bull bar or where ever you choose to put it and the actual aerial is around the same size and weight as a larger end UHF aerial so no problems mounting it on your bullbar. It will interface with existing units. Pricing is expected to be the same as that for the standed self tumer. Victor 7570 hopes to be back on the airwaves soon.
  5. Hi Bruce and Sue, We have been running the VMS AVNC for the last 12 months and prior to that many years with laptops mounted in the Landcruiser running Ozi Explorer - we are OziExplorer devotees so this answer may be a bit slanted. The VMS Touring 500 must be very new as this is the first I have heard of it however Google as usual provides much info. This unit looks good however for me it seems to be very limited in what maps can be utilised - seems you are in the hands of VMS on this one with their proprietry topo maps apparently the only maps that can be used (from what I have read). An OziExplorer empowered device like VMS AVNC, Hema Navigator (also made by VMS) or even a laptop with a GPS attached gives an unlimited range of maps, even those you may wish to scan and calibrate yourself; however this degree of compexity might not be what you want. Motor vehicle GPS navigation systems are really tearing along at an enormous pace however for those who wish to do any sort of serious offroad or even "outback" touring, none of these new gizmos without OziExplorer or any other digital mapping system (there are other digital mapping systems, however in my experience OziExplorer is by far the most widely used and supported) installed are pretty much hopeless once you get away from footpaths and street lights. Go to http://www.smartersafety.com.au/oziexplorer.html for some info on OziExplorer that will assist or perhaps confuse. Good luck!
  6. Wow, Webby - the Cape can be interesting in May on a relatively normal year, this year it should be quite exciting in May. Take lotsa pics.
  7. G'day Tony, Can I suggest you "hang loose" for a couple of months like Kimbo and I are as I understand there is a very effective answer in the wind in the form of some unique technology that will suit us 200 owners who choose to not fit a spare wheel carrier. Cannot say more than that at the moment other than "trust me" - gee that's a worry! Roger
  8. Hooley Dooley ... what have I done? :helpsmilie: Helping out with OziExplorer gives us a big buzz; sad I know, but then we are all different. Any issues anyone, don't hesitate to make contact. Questions often stretch my brain as well and at my time in life that is good!
  9. G'day Robbo's, Phone me on 0437 771 580 to make a time when you can have your PC fired up and I can have mine also fired up and I would be pleased to help you out. Perhaps the .map file doesn't know where to find the image. Regards, Roger
  10. G' Team, Chris and I had a ball at Kenilworth (our first KOG gathering), and look forward to many more of these sensational get-togethers. It was really good to put a face to those whom we had met on the KOG site. Thanks Bob & Di for a great week. Even Misty the wonder dog had a great time playing with young Cooper. Now at Mirani, just west of Mackay and it isn't raining. Us Victorians are not used to rain! Regards,
  11. We had been scrubbing out a tyre on the TopEnder and I was unable to find anyone who could assist in solving the problem. All the "wizards" I had spoken to were not into caravans particularly those with independent suspensions and all their recomendations drew blanks. I finally stepped past the traditional local people and found a truck alignment business in a nearby town and suddenly stumbled on a completely different attitude. These people are into tippers and dog trailers, semi's, B-Doubles and the like and they do heaps of them. They had the TopEnder and the LandCruiser for about two hours and laser aligned all four wheels on the van and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling that I finally had found someone who knew what they were doing and carried out the task in a very professional manner. Attached is a copy of the invoice and the before and after computer report. This outfit has locations in pretty much every major centre in Australia inclusive of every major town from Townsville down on the east coast. So far so good, I think I finally found a live one! Hope this is of assistance to others. Roger BigWheelsAlignment_2008_06_12.PDF
  12. Hmmmm....yes, the question. Now what was the question? Temporary dementia once again linked to that "send" button! The question was - where does one obtain one? Some interesting options already showing up. Roger PS: Kenilworth is sensational this morning! Chris and I had a great evening with Bob & Di last night around the fire.
  13. Last week while camping in a van park near Newcastle (Anna Bay) we spotted these great little gizmos in each of the toilet cubicles. The managers disdn't know where they came from (before their time) but did say they have had numerous requests about source info from other vanners. Gizmo sticks to wall in cubicle and is quite small - in my opinion very suitable for this necessarry task at times. Check the pic - maybe you can answer the question.
  14. Should read it all before hitting that button.... Yes, OziExplorer is on the agenda for Mitta Mitta for anyone who is interested! Roger
  15. G'dayTeam, Happy to help out with OziExplorer at Kennilworth - we get a buzz doing that stuff. Hema Navigator is a portable unit out of the same stable as the VMS unit that we recently installed in the 200 (radio out and the VMS gizmo in). Some useful links follow below that explain them in detail... Hema Navigator - http://www.hemanavigator.com.au/hema_navigator_overview.html VMS In Car PC Forum at GPSOZ - http://gpsoz.freeforums.org VMS In Car PC = http://www.vmscarpc.com.au/index.html The VMS In Car PC pops straight in to the dash replacing the existing radio and uses much of the host vehicles wiring. Consists of MP3 Music, AM-FM, DVD Player that can support back seat screens for the kidz, BlueTooth mobile phone connection including your contacts list, Route 66 Navigator and Imbedded OziExplorer which is a bit differnet to both the PC and CE versions but works really well once you get the gist of it. Hema Navigator is a smaller portable unit with Route 66 Navigator and Imbedded OziExplorer. Both utilise SD card or USB for your Ozi Map, Name Search & Data Files and require the PC version of OziExplorer to manipiulate, upload and download. Best is NO MOVING PARTS, they are not windows based so in my opinion much more resisten to our outback corragations and no laptops and all the wires hanging around in the vehicle. Good gadgets if you are seeking something to use with Camps4 waypoint files while on the run and no mess and stress! Hope this helps. Regards, Roger PS: Kimbo & Ned gave us the "Super Tour" of Stockton Beach today - sensational!
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