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  1. Only applies to 18 vehicles sold in Australia so far I believe manufactured between May 6th and May 25th
  2. Yep ya wouldnt havnt expected anything else would have you LOL I have just done my last appointment today and we Brian and Lis are out of here on Wednesday whearabout unknown WAYTO GO LOL
  3. Brian and Lis are camped on my front lawn LOL and a big night had by all :thumbsup:
  4. sorry Tony I dont have the BF Goodrich fitted I stuck with the original size 285/65/17 in a Yokohama Geolander they are a good tyre and after doing the Gibb and Tanami with them suffered no chips or cuts and I did get a 100% 20000 klm warranty and pro rata for the remainder of tires life (this would be yoko's interpretation of life ) in writing from the dealer and they were aware of where I was heading also. The BFG's were too dear at the time when I was looking around up around the $450 to $500 a corner mark as much as I do like the BFG's that was just to dear for them
  5. This thread on another site might have some bearing on why kaymar are saying not to use weight distribution hitches http://www.exploroz.com/Forum/Topic/78347/...t.aspx%3fpn%3d1 Here is some further info including pics I know it is about the ARB bar mostly but there are some issues with this that might also affect the kaymar bar as well as other makes http://www.exploroz.com/Forum/Topic/76292/...arrier%26pn%3d6
  6. here are some pics around the Roxby Downs and Andamooka areas http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/galleri...50433192?page=1 Regards
  7. Hi Chris Just been looking at some pics on another site re the water around where you are and after travelling those rds 2 times last yr as you know Im quite amazed to see that much water. Wouldnt I like to be up there in the next few months and see the transformation from last year to this year would blow you away. But I'm guessing that the rds are very damaged and wouldnt be possible anyway??? Safe travels anyway and looking forward to your reports as allways go the 200 LOL Regards
  8. No wear on my genuine pin Tony I havnt had any probs with people tampering with it to date but i have sworn at it some times trying to get it undone so that probably explains why no one has tampered with it :biggrin: :Australia:
  9. Hi Ian and Jill My 200 has the 50mm lift as well and i didnt have to change the head at all only thing I did was turn the head over so the longest bit was facing downwards and adjust to suit my hieghts for the Topender Regards
  10. I didnt reply purposefully because I'm sure you know my thoughts re the HF and sat phone debate \
  11. Finally, the all new Patrol has been released - in The Middle East. So it can't be too far away for here. 5.7l V8 as per the rumor, with 450 hh ( 330kw?) and 650NM. No Word on the Diesel. I guess 28l/100 km is good economy if Petrol is 22 c /litre. Appears to have copied the shape of the 200 to me :confused: http://www.nissanpatrol-me.com/
  12. Hi Chris I whole heartedly agree with everything Darryl says. I have the 200 series twin turbo diesel and have all the goodies fitted as well with also a long range tank fitted and with the boat on roof and GVMupgrade I am just within my specs and the GVM upgrade you cant get for the 100 series. To get the GVM upgrade for the 200 it is required to upgrade the suspension which then gives the vehicle a tad under the 1 tonne mark above the tare weight carrying capacity and well worth not having the worry of being overloaded. Some people will say that the 200 is exy well I disagree, with the prices that the 100's are bringing at the moment the 200 would be a good investment IMO. I'm aware of a KOG owner selling their late model 100 for the 60k mark and it was a quick sale which tells me it was cheap but they were happy and are upgrading to the 200. I didnt take the trade in price offered on my 100 but bought it home to Newcastle from Mackay where I bought the 200 and sold it for double the trade in price to the 1st looker gotta be happy with that Darryl didnt mention roofracks,long range tanks,whinch which I have and the fact that the van towball weight should also be included into the equation to and should be considered but in all honesty not many people do worry about these factors and I have known of people who have been in accidents and the insurance has paid out but someday down the track people who have very overloaded vehicles and vans will be knocked back. I hope this does not put you of but they are certainly factors that should be considered and I hope you enjoy caravanning experience as we do Regards
  13. Found this on another site thought it would be helpfull for members of this group :shades:
  14. Hi mate was thinking of you during the storm and was wondering how you survived ???? That Billiluna we called in there on the way across the tanami and topped up some fuel, is an interesting town :sad: Yep and to you and Wendy and everybody else on the group that reads this posting hope you all have a merry christmas and a happy new year
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