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  1. Hi Laurie I can't open the attached Replacement Leaf Springs for the 2006 Chevrolet Silverado 3500.webarchive Bryan
  2. Laurie I didn't buy them, I machined the retainers from solid blocks of steel. The retainers are bolted through the chassis with M10-1.5 class 8.8 bolts and have a 150 x 100 x 10mm backing plates. Each retainer also has an M10-1.5 class 8.8 bolt that passes through the block and the rear chain link. Cheers Bryan
  3. G'day Merv The endorsement shouldn't be a problem locating an engineer may be. Thanks Bryan
  4. Hi All I need to have a GVM upgrade on a Silverado 2500 HD any ideas on where I can have this happen? Bryan
  5. After a lot of procrastination I bit the bullet and machined up my own couplings and must say I am very happy with the result.
  6. Hi I do like your coupling and I will do the same. Where did you purchase the bits and pieces? Happy Days Bryan
  7. Hi Danny where did you buy the 2" lift kit? Bryan
  8. Hi Tony Change of plan not King Shocks now fox. I have spent hours on the net and this is the best deal I can find surprisingly it is a local company. The quote I received for Fox Shocks from Double Black Off Road Pty Ltd 17/150 Chesterville Rd,, Moorabbin VIC 3189 Ph: (03) 9553 0744, Email: sales@doubleblackoffroad.co 0-1"PERFORMANCE SERIES 2.0S MOOTHBODY RESERVOIR SHOCKS 980-24-959 Chevy Silverado 2500HD front 2 $425.00 $772.73 $850.00 0-1"PERFORMANCE SERIES 2.0 SMOOTHBODY RESERVOIR SHOCKS 980-24-955Chevy Silverado 2500HD Rear 2 $425.00 $772.73 $850.00 Freight: $0.00 $0.00 TOTAL $1,700.00 Cheers Bryan
  9. Hi All Looking at upgrading the front shocks on my Silverado with a King Shocks 25001-184 Performance Shock Kit Performance Shock Kit. Any advice would be appreciated. Bryan
  10. Hi Tony For output and remote start stop, but it must fit into the caravan generator box. Regards Bryan
  11. Hi All I am looking to purchase a 3.5kw generator that will fit in the caravan box and the 3.5 kw AllSpark Inverter Generator will just fit without the slide. Accordingly I am looking for feed on the AllSpark . Cheers Bryan
  12. Hi All Fass Pump filters and other bits fitted. Happy with the end result. Bryan
  13. Hi Neville Thanks for the tip, I will have the tub off in the next couple of weeks to fit a tray and canopy, with a bit of luck I may be able to find a location which will allow me to fit the pump and filters higher. Bryan
  14. Hi Tony Dorman 904-124 Primer Fuel Filter Seal Kit Sold by Amazon Export Sales LLC $30.08 Billet Air Bleeder Screw for Fuel Filter Housing Sold by Gold Plug LLC Amazon $29.57 FASS T C10 095G Titanium Fuel Air Separation Sold by tadz eBay $843.26 FASS Complete Fuel Sump Kit STK550 Sold by swagperformancep… eBay $323.66 6.6L Duramax Fuel Filter Delete Sold by fj-auto eBay $50.15 I am aware the installations show the filters below the chassis with a tub but I'm hoping there is more room to move with a tray. Cheers Bryan
  15. Hi Tony Thanks for the heads up on the primer seal, I have ordered a seal kit and will install it when I fit the fuel filter delete. My aim is to have two filters that I can access easily and do away with the original filter by fitting a FASS fuel air separator with a complete fuel sump kit and a Duramax fuel filter delete. This video is worth a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHVm-c80qwg Happy days Bryan
  16. ,Hi Tony I have had a starting issue on 3 occasions, when the engine started it ran for about 30 seconds and stopped, then would not start again until I primed it at the filter. I have checked for leaks in the system but none are evident and I read an article (and now can’t find it) that referred to a valve in the in tank pickup system that relieves the pressure when the engine is shut down. From memory, I believe it stated that if that valve is faulty it will allow all the fuel in the line to drain back to the tank. I was planning to fit a second filter and the major holdup was the location and lingering in the back of my mind was the fact I would still have to remove the wheel and inner guard to access the initial filter. The installation of the Fass system will (I hope) eliminate all the issues. Cheers Bryan
  17. Hi All I’m looking at the FASS GMC Duramax 165 GPH Flow Rate Titanium Series Fuel Air Separation system. Has anyone fitted one of these systems or had any reports as to its performance? Cheers Bryan
  18. Hi All What is the regulation regarding the chain attaching points on the towing vehicle? Bryan
  19. Thanks Tonyand and a happy new year to you. Bryan
  20. Hi All What are the pros and cons using a WDH with the Class 6 Airsafe? Bryan
  21. Hi John Ordered the SatKing CA 800 before I read your post, it's in and working all good Cheers Bryan
  22. Hi All I have now been advised the Altech UEC vast decoder that was supplied with the system does not have infared remote target capability so I will have to purchase a SatKing CA 800. Thanks for your input I should have is sorted now. Bryan
  23. Hi Tony Thanks for the pics the installation is finished at last and it works. I extended the base of the dish to pickup three (3) roof beams and fastened it with studserts and swags of sikaflex, ran a conduit from the dish to the roof penetration and sealed with sikaflex. Taking David’s advice I used an external electrical box at the roof penetration and pumped it and the conduit inlet full of sikaflex ensuring it encapsulated the cables individually as well as together. I made a shelf tor the Motorsat and now all I need is a Vast HD receiver remote sensor extender, any idea where I can pick on up? Cheers Bryan
  24. Hi Tony One email to the Wholesale RV Equipment Store they told me to contact Donetic two emails to Dometic no reply. I dismantled the hatch used the damaged screen as a pattern purchased Bunning’s mini mesh, made a screen and reassembled. Works better than the original (softer material) I purchased enough mesh to do the door and the total cost $35.00. Beats the hell out of $314.58 Cheers Bryan
  25. G’day All Anyone have one of these systems or know if they operate as well as the supplier states? Bryan
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