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Over due report of new van.

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Hi to every one out there, a bit late to to report but we picked up our new 21ft Topender on the 23rd of August, done a bit of a shake down run around QLD outback for 2 weeks and then back to the Boys at Kedron for a check over etc and then back to Melbourne to plan for the future with my missus me and our new van.

But first I would like to say that after looking around and checking a lot of vans over 2 years I found that we have picked the best of them not only the van but the people at Kedron, After having a good look at the 2010 Brisbane caravan show,

we made up our minds that the Topender was the one we wanted. Then it started, We rang the sales yard and spoke to a Beautiful girl called Jan who could not do enough for us even after the order was placed and any time we rang.

Then there was Lisa at the factory who helped us out with any questions while waiting and then the contact from Stan to make a date to go up and finalize the colours etc which made me a bit apprehensive because I was giving a 50% pass

back in the days when I went to school on condition I did not attend any more art classes because I was not interested in it and I have no idea about colours.We arrived in Brisbane on the Friday and were due to see Stan on the Monday so

we thought we would visit the sales yard on Saturday Morning to get some idea of what we might like and were lucky to meet Jan and have a cuppa and while we did so Jan was great , she helped us to pick every thing that matched and made it so easy for us. On The Monday we got to the factory and strait away were made at home by Lisa who also helped a lot an then in to see Stan who was easy to talk to and listened to what we had to say.5 weeks back up to pick it up,

met Graham and Ben who showed us through and how to operate the different aspects of the van, Met Dave on the way out and off to do shake down. Back 2 weeks later and meet Tom in the service dept who got the van checked over and a few small adjustments and a repair to the rear awning arm which was damaged when I was on a narrow bridge and a fellow trucky with an empty semi came around a bend a bit to quick and to late to stop and give way hitting the guard rail on his side and forcing me closer than I needed to be to guard rail on my side.Tom was very good to us and he gave all the credit to Ashley who we did not have the pleasure of meeting for the fixing of the awning like new.Last but not least we meat Maureen who does all the upholstery on the vans. We would just like to thank everybody at Kedron and we know that we are really going to enjoy our time with the van.

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Kakadu, it was great to hear that you are out and about enjoying the new van. Those small mishaps do happen, but it makes a big difference when you are given support and help to get it all fixed.

Keep having fun out there.


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Thanks for the intesting read, glad you are having a great time in your new van.... can I suggest you contact the administrator & have your ownership status changed.

CU down the road one day!

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Hi Kakadu,

We too had an incredible experience that we are not likely to forget when Kedron Caravans & crew looked after us throughout the whole process of customising a new van.

Meeting Kedron (the Gall Boys) at shows, doing the nickel tours (2) through the factory, doing the meet & greet with the Kedron Team gave us a great insight as to who really does make the best van on the market.

Stan, was our main point of contact, and was excellent, nothing was too hard always obliging.

He help us to navigate through the maze of self professed experts that were out there.

Lisa, was always there to help answer the questions and fix up the tours and answer Kayes questions.

Kaye and Lisa got together and did the colour scheme thing, I was out my depth in that department.

All the Gall Boys, helped us with everything from a van technical stand point to upgrading our vehicle, all of which has turned out perfect.

Ben, Graham and a host of others, did the installations, carpentry, electrics and they advised us in customising the van.

Whilst the van was going through production we saw & borrowed a few excellent ideas, and made a few changes, as you do.

The interior decor and leather is superb thanks to the skills and advise given from Lorraine. I think Lorraine would have done yours as well Kakadu. Not Maureen.

Terry & crew came up with some great ideas in the carpentry department and Graham created the plans for a linen press under the bed.

Johno was the first person we spoke to when the van had only just entered production.

On that particular day he was laying the frame and suspension etc.....and gave us a great insight to all that goes on is his patch.

There were so many people we spoke with when we went to the factory twice a week for 5 weeks, to do the happy snappy and follow the Baby through production.

It was this that helped us to create the van we had always dreamed of owning.

We have had and continue to have a marvellous experience with Kedron.

The other people that helped us were Kedron Owners. We met at least 10, on the road.

They made the time and showed us there vans and talked about the overall experience.

Last but not least the 'Koggers Forum'. What a great bunch of folks sharing a lot of valuable information.

This to took some of the mysticism out of being a novice caravaner. Thanks Guys.

Since our pick date, we have done two shake down trials. One a lot more vigorous than the other, and with anything new, big and heavy, but more to the point being in the hands of the inexperienced, you are always going to have little teething problems.

BUT, to the credit of Kedron they standby there product, as well as you, and fix it to the customers satisfaction.

Tom we thank you for the advice and back up service, plus the phone calls when we have been a 100 miles from nowhere, confused with water pumps, and battery synchronisations etc etc. but all is good.

Lisa has also been there to fend the phone, and share the information and support when required with Kaye & I.

The product, the service, be it pre sales or post, has been second to none. We have had a marvellous time and would do it all over again without a second thought.

Kaye & I would like to thank everyone (and I'm sorry if I have not included your names, no disrespect intended) for all the above and more.

We wish you all a very Happy & Merry Xmas, and a safe prosperous New Year.

See you in 2012.

Our fondest regards biggrin.gif

Gary & Kaye



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Gary & Kaye

Thanks for putting me strait when doing the report I was talking to my older sister Maureen apologies to Lorraine.


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