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  1. Hi Col & Den We met at Lawnton a couple of weeks ago. As you know we have a white ATV and it does seem to keep cooler. Even if you go for the gold colour the dirt might be harder to see, but it`s still there :biggrin: Talk to Chris and Val they have a gold Topender. Cheers Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  2. Hi Pete & Tracey I would be contacting Glen or David at Kedron immediately and tell them that story.I would be very surprised if you do not get a more positive result than talking to Tom!! Cheers Rick & Lea
  3. G`Day Rod & Mavis Sounds like you are having a ball down there. Isn`t the scenery down the West Coast magnificent? Have they recently lengthened the Pieman Ferry,when we where there in 2007/8 we only just squeezed on with the small van.Even then the back end was hanging over the edge. :confused1: Cheers Rick & Lea
  4. Chris Wouldn`t the hole in the cap be a breather, similar to the diesel heater tank? Just curious. Perhaps you should take the old cap with you just in case. :confused1: Cheers Rick
  5. G`Day Steve & Lyn We use a 5 litre plastic can for fuel,and it fits nicely next to the genny slide in the genny hatch.The Honda 2 holds 5 litres of petrol and with the can that gives us about 25/30hrs.running time. Just have to remember :tongue_ss: to top up, any chance you get when travelling. Cheers Rick & Lea
  6. Hi Gang How do you overcome the problem of 10amp plug from genny to 15amp into van?? Cheers Rick :helpsmilie:
  7. G`Day jk Try a couple of products called Wicked or Purple both very good on the checkerplate.They are an aluminium polish.Used to be sold by Supercheap or similar stores. SWMBO says Repco. Cheers Rick :thumbsup:
  8. Hi Phil We found our fridge works a lot better when it is full.I don`t why that is but it seems to be a lot more efficient. Plus as Zolle said,leave the outside vent open when you are stopped for airflow.We have never run it over 2.5 since having the electric controller unit replaced in WA last year. Cheers Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  9. Hi Guys Well were advised to evacuate the C/P this morning. We are now Free camping!!! at the top of the hill in Ashgrove. We will probably be here for a few days. There are about 5 vans and assorted wizbangs and Motor-homes parked up here at the moment. As I said in my earlier post at least we can move out of harms way.We have been watching the TV and it is all pretty horrific,and there is worse to come.I hope Laurie & Helen are OK I think they live in Toowoomba somewhere. We will be OK if we stay here. Cheers Rick & Lea
  10. Hi gang How is everybody in Qld. and Brisbane area handling the rain? We are in the Newmarket Gdns. C/P at the moment.What was meant to be a 5 day stay is now for 2 weeks.We were going to Neurum Ck.for a week but it is now flooded.Now we are being told to get ready to move out at a minutes notice if the creek floods here.I dont know where everyone will go to, probably park up on the streets further up the hill.Well at least we have a home we can move,unlike those other poor buggers in Rocky and surrounds.It is high tide at about 1pm so that will be the big test for the now fast flowing Breakfast Ck.If it stops flowing we are out of here!! See you around .God willin and the crik dont flood. Cheers Rick & Lea :sad: :thumbsup:
  11. RickA

    New extras

    Hi All I would advise anybody picking up a new van in the next couple of weeks to have the new extras added,a propeller and giant plastic floaties.If it rains any more you are going to need them.With all the rain I am starting to go mouldy,or as Lea says moldier. Cheers Rick & Lea :laugh: :laugh:
  12. G`Day Gary & Kaye What ever you do,DO NOT put a 4 seasons hatch in front of your van.They leak dust like a sieve. :sad: Cheers Rick & Lea
  13. Iron?Iron? What does this strange word mean?? :biggrin: Rick & Lea
  14. Hi Phil Fill the kettle up before you go to bed :question: Rick & Lea
  15. G`Day David & Sharyn You can secure both HR hitch and Mc Hitch with lockable pins .Sold at most car accessory or hardware stores. Cheers Rick & Lea :smile:
  16. Hi Pete & Tracey We still use the WDH`s with our McHitch. I think it was a personal choice with Rod.They do not take long to remove when necessary, and they improve the ride significantly. Cheers Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  17. Hiya Sue We've put the Ad in Classifieds, but also put it in the General forum, because there is no way of knowing from the front page of KOG whether there is anything new in Classifieds. This was just a way of alerting anyone to this fact. Hope you guys are having a lot of fun - when are you due back in QLD?All the best Lea & Rick
  18. Hi All As some of you already know we have recently had a McHitch fitted.This required changing the HR fitting to be updated.So I now have a complete heavy duty HR set up to sell Includes Hitch,400lb. bars and chain hitches. New they cost $728. Quick sale $400.contact me through Email.We are currently in Brisbane area. Cheers Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  19. Thanks mates.It is what we thought (cant be done)Will continue to shed weight in the van,until we get it right. We have OME suspension and air bags. and with the McHitch hope we can take some pressure off the tug. As we travel full time and van is home it is difficult to get rid of weight,but will just have to bite the bullet. Cheers and Beers me old dears Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  20. Hi Gang :helpsmilie: Does anyone out there know of 100 series L/C upgrades.I know 200 can be done.I have heard rumours that it now can be done by an Engineer (similar to Caravan upgrade) We are currently in Brisbane.We are having the 6 ton McHitch fitted next week and van upgrade when engineer comes back from Hols. Cheers Rick & Lea
  21. Hi John & Julie, I was a bit concerned at your comment that you could hear the charger when you stepped into the van,it certainly should not be that loud.Perhaps you should have it checked for piece of mind. :confused: We will also catch up with you at Millmerran. Cheers Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  22. Hi John Recommend agent unfortunately.They are very fragile so need an expert ?? to do them. Cheers Rick :thumbsup:
  23. Hi Gang Whilst on the subject of Diesel Heaters,a message to ALL who have one fitted,make sure you have them servied every 6 to 12 months (depending on use)We have just paid out $500 to get the bloody thing fixed. :sad: It is 2yrs 4 months old and has never been serviced .(Did not Know!!) Dometic in Perth who are apparently never wrong,say it is a must that they are serviced regularly whether used regularly or not. I just thought I would pass this info. on as a warning to the unsuspecting.Also make sure that you always use GOOD fuel. Cheers Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  24. Hi Mayzee Try exploreoz.com for road conditions ,they are very good and up to date. Happy travels Rick & Lea :thumbsup:
  25. FYI • Toyota—Land Cruiser 200 GXL—Front Seat Belt Buckle Replacement From recalls web alert. Cheers Rick & Lea :sad:
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