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  1. Once again welcome to the forum and the Kedron Family!! Sorry to hear that you are having so many problems with your new van. I hope that these will all be resolved for you in due course. The team at Kedron have always been very helpful and they have always fixed any issues we have had. Please continue to participate on the forum. Hope we see you at a gathering soon. Cathy & Greg
  2. Hi There What a lovely looking van there! Sure you will enjoy all your travels in that. Cathy
  3. Hi Neville, Try East Coast Bull Bars, they supply bulbar for the Silverado off the shelf so I am sure they will have something. Failing that 'TuFF Bulbar' at Toowoomba will build you a fantastic bull bar but are a bit dearer. Cheers Greg & Cathy
  4. Hi All We had problems with wallowing so installed air bags on 2013 Chev. This made it a little too rigid so we bought the air safe hitch which has reduced the shock transfer between the TE and the Chev making the ride extremely comfortable.
  5. Hi Colin Apparently it is because your vehicles are registered in the business name and not privately - buggar Cathy
  6. http://www.qld.gov.au/transport/buying/vehicleinspection/periodicinspection/vehicletypes/index.html Hi Colin This is all very confusing. Have a look at the page on the above link and tell me what you understand from it. Cathy
  7. Hi Colin As you know we had our van done as well earlier this year and when the rego was due in September, it came with a certificate of inspection that had to be completed by an authorised inspection station and then included with the paperwork for renewal. This meant we couldn't pay online and had to attend the DMR office. Hope this info doesn't just relate to you cause you are in FNQ. Cathy and Greg
  8. Well it is a changing world and I must admit to a few wrinkles myself. When i was much younger my interests were different, it is amazing how much the (Hi Ho) Chevy has taken my interest these days.... oh dear I am getting old...lol We are really happy with the Chevy and Colin we are sure you will be as well. Cheers Greg & Cathy
  9. Hi Colin Glad to hear you are home safe. Our Hi Ho is tucked up in the shed right now, but is itching to get back on the road. Cathy & Greg
  10. Hi all, It looks like Colin might be joining the growing Chevy clan. Well good onya! I must say we are rapt with ours and wish we had made the change sooner. I can't really add much to the conversation except to say in relation to the length that we always parked the Tojo well away from the maddening crowd so doing the same with the Silverado is no big thing. We are fortunate that it is not our daily driver so the inconvenience when we are on the road does not bother us to much, the towing power well and truly makes up for it. Cheers Greg & Cathy
  11. Hi Everyone We also wish everyone a safe trip. Disappointed that we won't be there to enjoy the company of friends we made on our last adventure. We are currently in Ballarat and making our way home now. Cathy and Greg
  12. Hi Jk We have just had our van weight upgraded and was interested to know where you had your inspection carried out for the rego. Current rego is not due till Sept. Greg & Cathy
  13. Hi Russ What time of year were you in SA? We are about to head off to that neck of the woods on 20th March. Really enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait to visit these great places. Greg & Cathy
  14. Hi Colin It is our intention to bring Tibby with us this time. So you may have travelling companions to Clare valley!! Cathy & Greg
  15. Hi Andrew & Sal We have been home for 8 days now and have spent 6 of those trying to get the van clean. Nowhere near where we want it to be yet. Have not even started on the cruiser yet. We have stripped the van of everything that can be removed on the outside and today all the curtains were washed. Need to get as much done as possible over the next week as it goes to Brendale for a service and to have those repairs done. I think Greg has bought every cleaning product known to man in an effort to get it clean. If it had just not rained on that last travel day it would have been a lot easier but as you have also probably discovered it is like trying to remove cement. Even the gurney won't blow it off. Hope you guys are well and all the family things are now sorted. Cathy & Greg
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