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  1. Hi Tony Should look at these https://www.natureshead.com.au/solutions/rvs-campers/ I have just installed one in my van yet to try it but composting only needs the poos empting ever 2-3 weeks no more stinky cartridge
  2. We have one of these for over 12 months with no problems it is lot easier to use than having a another receiver to connect to and power up just make sure you get the model that is 12 volt
  3. GraemeY

    sat phone

    Have a look Iridium GO you can use your smart phone to connect also check out Pivotel plans these are good because calls to your sat phone are at normal mobile phone rates not sat phone
  4. Hello Graham


    A mate of mine has just bought a 2nd hand Nova Terra 16' and looking to fit a diesel heater. Could I have your business contact details to pass onto him, if you don't mind.




    1. GraemeY


      GRAEME Yost zero four one eight 130971 also the contact form on www.dieselheat.com.au ,thank you for the referral 

    2. Yabbietol


      Hello Graeme

      I will pass on you web site address to him, his name is Dave and just bought the van so not sure when he will get in touch, but I guess before winter.




    3. GraemeY



  5. Good afternoon we have just about to go and pickup our new LC200 it has had the rear end cutoff and a canopy put on it , this has been done by Creative Conversions in Brendale , we have had the GVM upgrade done , it can be done in 2 stages , the first stage is from 3500kg to 3800kg by upgrading suspension , the second stage which is what we have done is wheel and tyre upgrade , suspension upgrade and rear axle reinforcement this takes it to 4200kg GVM with federal approval , talk to Len at Creative he can give you good honest advise
  6. Just to throw a cat among the pigeons , most dual battery sysyems seperate the main cranking battery when the ignition is turned off ( battery isolation) have a look at Traxide http://www.traxide.com.au/ their systems shares the load over all batterys until the voltage drops to a level which is not enough to start your car it then isolates the cranking battery but in the mean time it uses the capacity of all the batteries in the system , it is a lot easier to install as well , also it is worth looking at http://www.hkbelect.com/ these guys replace the alternator fuse which increases the charge voltage by .5v to .6v which in some cases is enough to keep all your batteries charged , i am not associated with these guys at all but i have a new 200 Series being converted in Brisbane ATM , looks a bit criminal as the car has only done 10KM (see picture)
  7. The water heater can run a fan head as well so you can get hot water and heating , also with the XCDUO you can cook on the ceramic cook top then close the lid and use it for heating
  8. Good Morning all We have just been appointed Australian Agent for Wallas diesel heaters and cooktop stoves , one of the best things is that we can now have a diesel cooktop and heater in one http://www.wallas.fi/index.php?id=81 See the link to the Wallas website http://www.wallas.fi/index.php?id=18 We are of to Finland in a few weeks to do some training , i hope its not too cold , we got used to QLD temps while we there a few months ago Also been working on diesel hot water/heating system as well , pretty sure we have got this down pat as well Anyone needing help or info please give me a call zero four one eight 130971 Regards Graeme Yost
  9. Good Morning all We are currently touring QLD with our new 21ft XC3 our tow vehicle is a PX Ford Ranger , it is doing a good job but a little slow on hills , we are going to have a look at a F150 Super Cab as this suits our setup and is not as big as the F250 , as this will be my daily drive i don't want big vehicle , i notice in one of the forums somebody had bought one of the F150 , any comments or help on locating the owner would be appreciated
  10. I have ordered and received my Stone Stomper for our new 21ft XC3 , we are picking it up on the 8th May , i got Graeme at Kedron to measure up and i gave these measurements to Stone Stomper and he has supplied the guard to suit those measurements , we had one on our previous Coromal and found it to be great , lets hope it all fits will keep you posted
  11. Cant have the best of both worlds would have to use a portable cd drive and connect via usb
  12. Hi everybody , Altech UEC have just released 2 new TVs with combined Vast satellite receivers inbuilt into them , so one remote for Vast and free to air TV, also means you can take your TV outside and plug your satellite dish straight into your TV with no need for a VAST top box receiver , they have 2 models 22" which is 12 volt 240 and 32" which is 240 volt only see link below http://www.uec.com.au/au/index.php/products/newvastproducts Regards Graeme and Sue Yost 3 months to go for our new XC3 baby to arrive
  13. We have done our first install of the Genisis diesel hot water system , the basis of the setup is a diesel fired furnace , a buffer tank contain Glycol (radiator coolant) , a plate heat exchanger (for exchanging heat from the Glycol to the water) and a fan head for supplying hot air to warm the van, the fan heads come in either 2.7kw or 5kw for larger motor homes and caravans , the unit on high has a fuel consumption of around .6L per hour , we have found that using a 2.7kw head it warms a 20ft van very well , the biggest advantage is that it uses the one source for both hot water and heating , the system can be fitted with a Webasto german 4kw furnace or a Belief Chinese furnace depending on budget . Output for the hot water side will give you around 12l at 70-80C with a flow rate around 10l per minute , we also fit tempering valves to prevent scalding . I will attach some pictures of the system so you get an idea of how they work , if anybody would like further info just drop me a line buffer tank.tiff heat exchnger.tiff
  14. Hi Rod It was a simple mod , what i did was to take the old plastic vent out cut the louvres out put it in my lathe and bore it out to suit a 2" hi pressure water socket , i then glued a peice of pipe in the socket and used a 2" high pressure cap to push over the end of the pipe , this just slides on , the socket is then Sika Flexed into the bored out vent
  15. Hi Lyn and Brenton thanks for the info i did the mod on the range hood vent so that i didn't have to gaffer tape it every time i hit a dusty road , i think rear kitchens are worse , i have left a modified vent with Kedron for our new XC3 so they can install it from new , its simple but it works , i glad that the Waeco works well in high temps , being in Tassie the lack of solar input in winter means that we end up with flat batteries after 2 days with no solar input , so our new van will have 4 x 140w panels plus 3 x 120 amp batteries , may be a bit of an overkill in sunny QLD but not in Tassie , would be happy to do the mods for the range hood at cost if anybody wants them
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