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    Travelling to remote areas in our Kedron since our retirement, fossicking, kayaking and fishing.

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  1. All ok now Tony site working well, could not log in last night but ok now no problems
  2. Thanks Tony will try that over the next few weeks, as we get into warmer weather
  3. we just arrived in Brisbane on our way back to home base in Cairns, from travelling 8,000klms in Tasmania. Naturally rang Robyn to book in for a suspension service and a few other fix ups, but they were flat strap, but if I could leave it there for a week, they would fix all. Upon our return all was done, only charged for the suspension service and no charge for all the other work, including washing four months of mud and dirt. Robyn is one exceptional lady, worth her weight in gold, but then this was one of the reasons we bought a Kedron, excellent back up. Also big thanks to Ashley and Dave.
  4. Has anyone out there installed extra fans to the back of the fridge compartment for extra circulation to expel hot air and reduce load on the fridge. Already have two vents fitted, but with the big fridge freezer fitted, there is not a lot of room when you take the vent off.
  5. Good one Tony, we just finished parking the van at Kedron today, fresh from 3 months in Tasmania. Agree with you on the service that Robyn provides, we rang two days ago when we coming through Glenn Innes, to get a suspension service and a few other bits fixed before we head back home to Cairns. First off she said no way they had already taken on too many vans for next week, but when I mentioned we could leave it there for a week, she worked her magic and the van was plugged in. Gives us a good catch up with our son in Brisbane, not having to worry about the van.
  6. Jim, Thankyou for all the time you went to, to explain how to reattach the new bracket and light. Sometimes a little hard to get things explained and done at the end of the camel trail ??? Much appreciated Regards Gary
  7. Grant, Your comments are first class, the exact same thing happened to us today, as we are going down to Tasmania for 5months in 3weeks with number plate not in the correct area . Couple of emails with Robyn, everything sorted (no stress). How/where are you going to wire to your new bracket for the light, pick up power from??
  8. Has anyone had Kedron fit the bracket etc, just finding the approx. cost and what it looks like, not all rear carriers are the same. Also if we get Kedron to send the bracket, please advise the easiest way to wire up. Thankyou
  9. John, What did the service include from the boys at Kedron.
  10. Greg, Thankyou for all the time and effort you have put in on this topic, only three options, automatic transmission, new bigger tug, or perceiver with what we have. Cheers take soon.
  11. 3rd stage chip.pdf Stage 2 chip.pdf
  12. Greg the clutch is a NPC with organic plate compound, if I sit on the incline the only way I can move is ride the clutch to start, hence then the clutch slips and smells. If I try to just take off without riding the clutch it will stall.
  13. Need some feedback/advice. CAR I have a 2006 79 Toyota Land cruiser manual Ute, 4.2 litre turbo diesel, 3"exhaust with diesel smart 4 stage power chip(set on stage 3 for aggressive towing) with heavy duty clutch, car has covered 82k klms . Fully loaded the unit weighs 3.6t ( allowing for ball weight) it has a Lovell spring upgrade to 3.9t. CARAVAN Kedron ATV2 overall length tow bar to rear tyre rack 24ft, Duel axle with various extras, to bring the van weight to 3.2t. The question we are trying to find is with a total weight of 6.8t we are finding that we are having trouble taking off when on an incline say 10%, car seems to have plenty of power, always have to slip into low range to take off, otherwise the clutch will slip if you take off in high 1st. My mechanic tells me this is normal due to the weight from a standing start. Constructive comments please.
  14. I have just replaced my hitch on the Kedron with the new McHitch Uniglide, the question is has anyone coupled this hitch up with a Pro Series RB2 Weight Distribution system, and did you have to use the McHitch WDH pack with adaptor and roller kit.
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