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  1. Hello fellow forumites. I almost forgot to post my final trip report. This one covers that final saunter home from Innamincka, through the Clare Valley and before that the Flinders Ranges. I wish I was still out there…. Stage 5 Innamincka to Home.pdf
  2. Another trip report! This one covers the section of our trip from central Queensland to Innamincka in SA's far North West. I hope you all enjoy reading it. Stage 4 Carnarvon to Innamincka.pdf
  3. I have always said the great value of this forum is that it is a repository of wisdom and full of accumulated information. Plus trip reports are put up here!
  4. Hi everyone. Our current trip continues and we have now arrived further inland. It has been cool but not cold - just perfect. This trip report covers the area between Kilkivan to Carnarvon Gorge, and includes Maryborough and Bundaberg. I hope its informative! Chris
  5. Hi everyone. Our current trip continues and we have now arrived further inland. It has been cool but not cold - just perfect. This trip report covers the area between Kilkivan to Carnarvon Gorge, and includes Maryborough and Bundaberg. I hope its informative! Chris Stage 3 Kilkivan to Carnarvon.pdf
  6. ...and here is the latest trip report. It covers the area between Eumungerie (Northern NSW) to Kilkivan (QLD). In this report we catch up with a few fellow Kedronners and camp in some lovely spots. Stage 2 Eumungerie to Kilkivan.pdf
  7. my favourite dish is the veal scallopine a la funghi (or something close to this spelling 😁).
  8. We are really relaxed now!
  9. We are camped at a fellow Kedronners’ property near Kilkivan, and have a view to die for. Thanks Rod and Jewel!!
  10. I love the Red Centre and have enjoyed many trips there over the years. And we once worked at Utopia Station, out along the Sandover Hwy, but that’s another story for another time. in years to come you will be able to laugh about all this, Tony and Annie. But for the time being you at least have the comfort of the van and a car to get around. Good luck with getting the transmission rebuilt. In the meantime, there is a magic restaurant across in East side, which locals know and love. Casa Nostra. Book before going as it’s very popular with locals.
  11. Great, thanks Karen!
  12. For those of us travelling and keen to get their vaccinations while on the road, I have successfully used the below link. It is an interactive website which allows you to enter some basic information on eligibility first then to find a site near you, or at a specific location where you can get your jab. https://covid-vaccine.healthdirect.gov.au/eligibility Before there are any arguments on the merits of the vaccination, I am not advocating whether you should or should not be vaccinated. The information is purely for those who want to use it. I do have a view about vaccinations but this is not the place for that debate.
  13. As some forum items might know, we are travelling from SA to QLD, and mostly camping along the way. Right now we are at one of the loveliest campgrounds you could ever see, Weddin Mountains NP, called Ben Hall’s Cave. The campground is nestled into the mountain range, and is very scenic. Facilities are limited to a drop toilet, and table/chairs at each site. Sites are well spaced, with pine trees and vegetation adding extra privacy. It is free to camp here (yes, really) but there is a one-off $6 booking fee. Phone reception is patchy but doable. This spot is on one of our “Best 10 campgrounds” list. Actually, it may be on our top 5 list….
  14. We are now at Hay, NSW. We are going to the RSL for dinner (they have great Chinese food!) and camping down on the Murrumbidgee just on the outskirts of town. Our camp site has its own QR code to check in! Most spots seem to have one, sited on a little white pole. Before leaving home I downloaded every state’s QR code and have them ready as we cross borders. A lass at the Balranald supermarket said this morning that she didn’t think NSW was using QR codes …. Moral of that story is not to take advice on QR code readers from checkout staff. The cafe certainly required it to checked in.
  15. This is a great article on an iconic trek which many of us have done. But it’s a good resource anyway. the-great-central-road-drive-from-laverton-to-uluru-with-a-caravan.html
  16. Situated on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, probably an hour or so from Adelaide, this lovely free campground is a very special spot. It’s at S35 50 05 E139 2 46. Near Milang, it is accessed via a 10km gravel road, of which 2km is a bit ordinary. No facilities here whatsoever, just lots of peaceful beauty. Mind you it’s the school holidays starting tomorrow...😄
  17. No, I hadn’t seen that! The poor new owners... Thanks Sandra.
  18. OK, from another forum (Caravaners forum) where a member there pretty much asked the Federal Government responsible agency the same question. He got a response which said: "Thank you for contacting the Australian Government Department of Health.You don’t have to get your second dose at the same location. This includes if you are travelling — even in a different state.Your first dose of the vaccine will be recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register, so your vaccination provider will be able check which vaccine you received (to make sure your second dose is the same) and when you received that first dose (to make sure the recommended time has passed).To be fully vaccinated, you must have two doses of the same vaccine, given at the appropriate dosing schedule.If you get the Pfizer vaccine, you'll need 2 doses, administered 21 days apartIf you get the AstraZeneca vaccine, you'll need 2 doses, administered 4 to 12 weeks apartIf you received a COVID-19 vaccine while you were overseas, only a recognised vaccination provider in Australia can add your details to the Australian Immunisation Register.You will need to provide your vaccination documents in English. If they are not in English, you will need to get them translated.You can keep up-to-date on COVID-19 vaccine developments on the Australian Department of Health website, including priority groups and who will receive the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and how the COVID-19 vaccines will be distributed.You can use the COVID-19 vaccine eligibility checker to find out when you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine.You can also:Download the official Government ‘Coronavirus Australia’ app in the Apple app store or Google Play; orJoin the WhatsApp channel on iOS or Android.If you need to speak to someone, the National Coronavirus Helpline is also available on 1800 020 080. It operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.Kind regards,COVID-19 Vaccine Enquiries Team"
  19. I am wondering if any members are travelling between states in the near future, or far from home, and have to organise their COVID vaccinations somewhere other than home. We will have had our first jabs here at home in SA, but in June, when the second is due, we plan to be far from home. Probably QLD. Anyone had similar queries?
  20. Sandra, you guys are probably experts and able to guide the rest of us! Our plans are to come North from SA, leaving here in May and arriving around Brisbane about mid June. The places we love around QLD (in no particular order) are Lake Tinaroo (Atherton Tablelands); Sandstone Park at Carnarvon Gorge, Lawn Hill, Lake Wivenhoe near Esk, Lara Wetlands.... Many of these may be visited this year. Of course, we do prefer the remoter regions too... We might see you out there!
  21. It’s great to have you onboard Colin and Laura! Our first van was also a Kedron and it is a good start when you have such a wonderful brand. Talk to the factory about the leak...they will be able to advise, I am sure! I hope we see you out and about travelling with your van. chris
  22. ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR RIG BEING OVERWEIGHT ? This new club benefit, available exclusively to members via the club shop will be available just in time for the Christmas trip. Just 25 tins stored under the bed will reduce your weight by 112.5kg and you will no longer have to carry all that water in your tanks. Don't miss out stocks are limited.
  23. We are at Onkaparinga’s Pink Gums campground for a couple of nights. It is right on the edge of the McLaren Vale wine region, and not that far from the city. But it feels nice and peaceful. There are 11 sites in all but not all fit a caravan of our size. Most do, though.. We are nicely settled in, as you can see.
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