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Rain,Rain Go Away

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Hi gang

How is everybody in Qld. and Brisbane area handling the rain? We are in the Newmarket Gdns. C/P at the moment.What was meant to be a 5 day stay is now for 2 weeks.We were going to Neurum Ck.for a week but it is now flooded.Now we are being told to get ready to move out at a minutes notice if the creek floods here.I dont know where everyone will go to, probably park up on the streets further up the hill.Well at least we have a home we can move,unlike those other poor buggers in Rocky and surrounds.It is high tide at about 1pm so that will be the big test for the now fast flowing Breakfast Ck.If it stops flowing we are out of here!!

See you around .God willin and the crik dont flood.


Rick & Lea :sad: :thumbsup:

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Blub blub blub

Sorry just took out the snorkel to reply grin.

How is this rain.

We are to leave for Victoria on Friday to hop on the ferry to Tassie.

I have bolted on the water wings on the van to get outa QLD so we might save the ferry costs.

Good luck to you two and as you say at least you are mobile and can make a decision to leave before disaster.

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Hi Guys

Well were advised to evacuate the C/P this morning. We are now Free camping!!! at the top of the hill in Ashgrove. We will probably be here for a few days.

There are about 5 vans and assorted wizbangs and Motor-homes parked up here at the moment. As I said in my earlier post at least we can move out of harms way.We have been watching the TV and it is all pretty horrific,and there is worse to come.I hope Laurie & Helen are OK I think they live in Toowoomba somewhere.

We will be OK if we stay here.


Rick & Lea

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Hi everyone,

Thank's for your thoughts, we are both OK and where we live have not been affected other than the prolonged rain like everyone else in Queensland.

Our son and his girlfriend who came home from England were in town when the storm hit and were very lucky to escape, his car was pushed into the gutter with the force of the water and they got out and took refuge in a shop. Anyone who knows Toowoomba, he was driving along Ruthven Street which is the main street out towards the northern end of town which is well above anywhere you would expect water.

I have never seen anything like it, dealing with the clean up and the aftermath is quite dawnting. One of the major water mains was taken out by a shipping container, and nearly every major road crossing east to west is damaged.

Our three dams which before summer were at 7% combined capacity over the past few weeks were rising nicely to around 35% than since Friday and mainly since Sunday night have risen to overflowing. This has kept me busy, returned from Sydney Sunday afternoon and went straight to work. Our main dam rose to 4.18 metres over the spillway by Tuesday afternoon and will be flowing without any rain for a few weeks at least as it has another dam overflowing into it, this feeds down to Toogoolawah.

The storm that hit Toowoomba could not be detected, we were monitoring the events all day due to our dams and on the radar it looked like all other weather patterns we had been watching and our staff at the dams had been reporting on all day. It just came from absolutely no where and just dumped a s##t load of water.

I think a lot more people will be found unfortunately as our daughter in law watched one couple escape a parked car and hang onto a power pole only to see the woman washed away. I know other people who saw a car stopped on a street when another car was pushed into the back of it by the water and the brake lights were still on the front car when it was swallowed up in the flood.

Nature is just one of those things that we sometimes take for granted but when she gets angry she turns on a horrific change of pace.

Hope everyone in Brisbane is safe.

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Great to hear you guy's are ok.

Look after the family your son and his girlfriend and particularly your daughter inlaw.

Very sad and emotional times for all.

Give Helen a hug from us.

Love and thoughts to you all.

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Hi Everyone

Great photos, just cannot believe we have had so much rain, and what it does to all structures. The loss of lives is very very sad, particularly for their families and friends. We just hope it never happens again.

Rob and I have retired from the buses and will be travelling soon. We sort of had a very short holiday at Elliott Heads. The Kilkivan farm had plenty of rain while we were at Elliott Heads, and we had to wait it out till we could get there and take over from our very caring exhausted neighbours. They were continually putting our cattle in high paddocks as the creek rose twice over a few days. Our creek is backed up by Wide Bay creek which is then backed up by the Mary River. The Mary River is the one that floods Gympie, this water then travels to Maryborough before it goes out to the sea. As the creek comes down at a very high speed it takes everything in its path, this includes filling irrigation pumps with water. All our fences along the creek flats were flattened and have so much rubbish on them. Rob had some farm machinery down there and is now useless to use. Round bales float around the paddocks, and irrigation pipes float away or get bent around trees.

Our very good friends Graham & Ros (fellow KOGs) (who we met on a KOG meet) were with us at Elliott Heads and came back to Kilkivan and helped us put some fences up. With our daughter and her husband and Graham & Ros we rounded up all the cattle, dipped and tagged all new calves, put fly control tags on and of course did the count, 125 in total. We didn't loose any cattle, we have wonderful neighbours who looked after them.

We even had 9 extras. (they will go back to their home this Friday) We cannot thank Graham and Ros enough for all their help.

Water is still running out of the hills where we have the KOG meet.

This is absolutely NOTHING compared to all the flooding in homes and loss of lives. We are so lucky.

Hope to see you at the Kilkivan KOG meet

Rob and Jewel

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Rob & Jewel

So glad to hear that you have retired from the buses ( good feeling aint it grin) sounds like a TV series dosn't it

"Off the buses" :biggrin:

Mavis and I were thinking of you during the big wet and tried to ring you at work or rather ex work.

Glad to hear that all is ok on the farm but it sounds like retirement might mean a fair few farm jobs. At least you will not be on a time table to get back to the buses.

We are on our way to Tassie and still about 3 weeks away from Melbourne visiting relo's and friends on the way.

Enjoy retirement to the full dear friends.

A big :thumbsup: to Graham & Ros.

Love from us.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Rod and Mavis

Did you cook and eat the crayfish?

How was the boat trip?

We are in Blackwater this week for our daughter's birthday, things you can do now since being 'Off the buses'

We are going fishing with Graham and Ros after our Kilkivan weekend.

At a place near Booraloola is where we are going. Should be fun.

Rob and I decided we needed another F250 with the extended cab.

We finally found one that had everything we needed. It is a 2006 silver F250, it even has the boat and loader for the roof. It has everything you can imagine and more as extras.

Even an extra prop for the boat.

We are going to sell the other F250.

Have fun in Tassie we will do the trip one day.

Rob and Jewel

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Hi Guy's

Glad to hear that you have found a suitable F250.

Keep away from Graham and Ros or you might just end up with a huge hot up bill for the effy grin.

We are still making our way to Melbourne and will not be leaving the mainland until the 17th February.

We are having a ball apart from a major engine breakdown($9500) in NSW, you can read about it on our blog and if you look at the right hand side you can subscribe for updates and will be notified by Email when we post new stuff.

So glad to hear that you are on the move and enjoying keep up the good work :thumbsup:

Oh our blog address is


Love too ya

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