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Babinda Area FNQ

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Hello Everyone,

Gayleen and I went for a Sunday drive today to visit Josephine Falls and The Boulders, both near to Babinda in FNQ.

Josephiine Falls are really worth a visit and it is easy to get in there with a van in tow. You cannot lawfully stay overnight. However, next to the Bouldeers, a wonderful swimming and picnic area, there is a small Cairs Regional Council camping area. It is great and poses no access problems for a Kedron. 48 hour max stay, toilets and showers, no power and no potable water and no charges. There is a tap serving non potable water.

While in the area I would recommend the kayaking down Babinda Creek. 9km trip and it is lovely country. Suitable for everyone from old farts like me to small kids. Even my two small poodles, Moet and Cherie, can do it!

Lastly, we did an inspection of the CP at Fishery Falls which is between Babinda and Gordonvale. It is a beautiful park, extremely clean and great facilities and the best camp kitchen I have ever seen (not that we use them). The managers are lovely people who are very enthusiastic about their park. It really shows! They are developing a beautiful area along the creek that will be available for independent camping.

I do not have any commercial interests what-so-ever in these places or activities. Gayleen and I were both impressed and I thought I would pass it on to my Kogger commrades!

Regards to all


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Thanks Colin

We are in fact in the are and stayed at The Boulders last Thursday night. I agree, it is a lovely spot. A smaller area than the one closer to Babinda, but much quieter. We didn't do a swim, but it was a nice walk to the Boulders.

We saw Josephine Falls last time we were up here and loved the walk there also.

We are currently in Cairns and moving on to Ellis Beach next weekend for a week. We have a beachfront site booked. It's certainly a lovely part of the country up here.

Hi to the kids.

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Hi Sue,

Give me a call. I live on the beach at Clifton Beach, next door to Palm Cove and a couple of k's to Ellis Beach. Love to catch up with you.

0408 235 273



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Hi Tolly,

We camped at Fishery Falls C/P for 10 days whilst waiting to leave for the Cape and can only confirm your observations. DI & SKIN are a great couple and the amenaties are spotless with fresh hand towels every morning. They put on free nibbles every Friday at happy hour.The pub in front has real man sized meals and a friendly host.As you said the camp kitchen is a stunner. The only down side is TV reception however our Vast satelite system overcame that.


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