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  1. Hi John, Sorry I should have said the Satking Promax not just Satking The Satking Promax Satelite dish is a square unit of very low profile satellite receiver using new technology. They come recommended by Several installers and have a similar warranty to Oyster of 3 years. I Have seen several Kedrons as well as other makes with the Satking Promax receivers but not had the chance to seek their opinions. How have you found the Oyster in strong winds. Does it hold the signal and or do you retract it for security. Regards, Geoff.
  2. Hi Mayzee' Tks your comment, What is the performance of the Satking compared to the Oyster. Rgds Geoff
  3. We are about to fit an automatic roof mounted Satellite dish on our Kedron XC. 2006 model. Can we have some feedback on the what members have experienced with either of these units. we have space for either unit however the Satking has a much smaller footprint. we will be having the unit installed by Solar N Sat in Gin Gin.
  4. We have the 240/12 V switch in our 2006 van and when connected to mains power we switch to 240. this then activates the transformer fitted to bypass the batteries which i was advised was a good move to prolong battery life. I was told that batteries have a cycle life of around 40,000 cycles and bypassing the batteries for power prolongs the overall battery life.The batteries continue to be charged by the Victron 60 amp charger on 240 power. We replaced our batteries after 7 years which were still in working order but as we intended to be spending extended periods freedom camping thought
  5. We had this problem about 3 years ago. My auto electrician sourced a similar fan and mounted it on the right hand side of the unit isolating the original fan on the left side and using the original wiring for the new fan. Works a treat and the fridge maintains excellent freezing and cooling temps. He was able to pick up fixing points on the unit as well
  6. Hi Colin, I guess by now you have taken delivery of the Silverado from my daughter & soninlaw in Tassie. You have got a great vehicle as Craig is one of the most festidious vehicle owners i know and we enjoyed travelling in it in February in tassie.We have just moved to a 200 series Sahara from a 100 series Sahara to pull our 2006 Kedron in which we have travelled 97,000 ks and we love it. We now live at the RV Homebase in Maryborough Qld from Tea Gardens NSW since January 2014 and have the best of both worlds as do several other KOG members recently. Trust you enjoy the Silver Beast and h
  7. Joy & I add our festive greetings to all as we prepare to move from Tea Gardens NSW to our our new home at the RV Homebase in Maryborough Qld after Christmas. Looking forward to being able to join other koggers at the various rallies which mostly happen in the Sunshine state. Geoff.
  8. Hi John & Jo We have used a trailamate for 7 years and it lives permanently on the draw bar. We have it mounted on the lowest setting which sits the flat foot level with the bottom of the draw bar. A cable clipped to the ring securing the foot is hooked over the pump handle bracket to stop the foot from lowering during transit.A canvas hood protects the pump housing from the elements.On most occasions the jack can be lowered onto a block without adjusting the position of the jack when disengaging the rig or overnighting on the road. The foot is easily pulled back up when rig is re hitched
  9. Hi Rece We live in Tea Gardens - Hawks Nest approx 2.5 hours north of sydney. The Myall Lakes National Park is in our area as well as a lovely Myall River Bush Camp just a few K's north of Hawks Nest on the Myall River. I think the Bush Camp is $15 per camp site per night,no power but gennies are allowed. Currently due to the weather things are pretty wet and windy but depending on your arrival it might have cleared by the time you arrive. We live on the Myall River in Tea Gardens and have vacant land either side of our house and you would be welcome to stay for a while. We have water and pow
  10. Hi Russ, I have PM'D you with acceptace of your offer for the 60 amp charger. Regards Geoff
  11. Hi Russ Many thanks for your kind offer. I am still waiting for my auto elelectrician to give me the good or bad news on my unit next Wednesday If the news is bad and If the 60 amp unit will fit the space i would gladly take up your offer. Regards. Geoff
  12. Our 40 amp Victron Centaur Charger has gone on the blink and I am waiting on the Auto Electrician to give me a diagnoses next week. It has been idle for about 2 weeks at home and when switching it on I got a blink on the gauge a shoet buzzing noise and back to zero. The fan was still working but i quickly tuned it off to avoid any further damage. My question is before i see the leccie, 1: is there a fuse panel in the unit and has anyone experienced a similar problem. 2: If yes did you change brand for any reason. My thoughts are as the unit is 7 years old and no previous problems it seems wi
  13. Erih, This type of waterproof plug was fitted to our 2006 Kedron prior to them installing all external plugs etc inside a Camec locker. We also had a similar lead and plug for a second TV mount in our bedroom. The main lead in the kitchen area was a cigarette lighter plug into the winegard socket.They are available from Bias or witworths as per other posts. Geoff
  14. Hi Tolly, We camped at Fishery Falls C/P for 10 days whilst waiting to leave for the Cape and can only confirm your observations. DI & SKIN are a great couple and the amenaties are spotless with fresh hand towels every morning. They put on free nibbles every Friday at happy hour.The pub in front has real man sized meals and a friendly host.As you said the camp kitchen is a stunner. The only down side is TV reception however our Vast satelite system overcame that. Geoff
  15. Red faced and a correction to my origonal post. Our XC is 2006 not 96. Batteries were 6.5 years not 16.5 years old GEOFF
  16. Our 96 model XC's origonal 120 ah Full River batteries were not holding charge off road and our fridge couldn't hold an adequate temperature and being in a national park in North Q'LD our gennie was not an option. We are into the 2nd month of our 6 month trip including the Cape mid August and had to make a replacemet. We sourced 120 ah Full Rivers from Eniquest in Brisbane to Cardwell and installed them in the C/Park with a bit of help with the 36 kg monsters.The 40 amp Victron charger was in the way of getting the middle battery out and rather than follow Tom's advice from Kedron of moving th
  17. Hi Mark & Simone, We changed to the CMCA 15 months ago and our savings on our rig was $640 compared to a combined CIL & NRMA policies.We have renewed our policy with no downgrading of the value or increas in premium by Ken Tame who now represents Allianz as his underwriter. Several friends (not Kedron owners ) have also switched with similar savings. We renewed our policy for 6 months as we had so much happening with regos,and other policies and there is no penalty attached to this. I believe you can also pay by the month but i am not sure about this. We have not had the need to act on
  18. Hi Nev & Kay We have a 2006 XC and we have a 12v plug above the fridge in a small cupboard. There is also a twin 240v power point which we have no idea how we could possibly use it given that its on the back wall and nowhwere near any appliance.The plethora of 240 plugs in our van caters for all our 240 needs plus some!We always just remove the plug and no worries about the light or any trickle of power through the fridge wiring. Geoff
  19. Hi Neville HavePM'd you with details of the fan we installed.Geoff
  20. Hi Neville The fan was not a computer fan. I will ask my auto electrician where he got it from and i think it was a sydney wholesaler. I will try for the makers name etc. Regards geoff
  21. Well we solved the problem with our fridge at a total cost of $120 which was a great relief thanks to our very knowledgeabe Auto Electrician. He felt that it was a power problem and a possible overheating of the compressor unit.He first blew all the dust out of the small radiater unit on the side and also discovered that the cooling fan was not working so a fast build up of heat and the fridge cut out. Because the the fan is in a very awkward spot to get at he fixed a fan on the other side of the radiator or condenser (not sure which is the right name) but voilla and all is well. The fan was a
  22. Hi Plugged in our Vitrifrigo after being off for 4 weeks and the fridge cuts in and runs for about 15-20 seconds and cuts out. It will cut in again after ashort while but cut out again.We pulled the plug after our last trip and didn't alter the thermostat setting and this is the first time this has happened. The fridge is in our 2006 XC and up until now no problems. Wondering if the gas is low and if so would this cause this to happen. Same result whether the fridge is working via battery direct with and without 12v charger. Any clues please. Geoff
  23. Hi Dommowin We always leave ours on 12v even though we have our bed east west at the rear and get no noise from transformer or inverter in the boot.We sometimes hear a slight hum in the kitchen area from the transformer if we switch to 240 to give the batteries a bigger boost whilst on power.
  24. G'Day Rick We replaced the lens with an LED very bright,but the plastic cover being 5+ years old disinegrated when taking it out. Got a replacement from local Jayco dealer $7.95. Geoff
  25. Hi We have had problems with our wiring in the wineguard and have ben using our strong satelite box until we obtained a Vast box several months ago.Currently in Queensland and am enjoying perfect pictures from all over. Miss something special in one state pick it up from another at the same time schedule in another state. No adds on 7 or 10 unless the add is from the NT and all adds on 9 as it emanates from the NT. Scenes from various states instead of adds but the music is a bit mournfull. The mute button comes in handy here and you realise how long the add breaks are waiting for the show to
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