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LandCruiser 300 series

Happy Traveller

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Hi Everyone

just wondering if anyone is yet towing with their vans with the new 300 series LandCruiser. I’m looking at getting a GX as like the vinyl. Specs all add up on paper too, so no identifiable weight/load issues for our van with  ATM 3080 and typical loaded travel weight around 2900kh and ball weight around 280-300 depending on water and gear, and the huge 785kg vehicle payload (versus the standard 200 series at 610kg). 

Wondering how the 300 series handles when towing. Have towed with upgraded 200 series and tows beautifully. Have watched all the reviews etc I can find and all present fine but you can’t beat hearing of true customers real experiences. 


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Hi Matt,

The only reviews you will get at the moment are from motoring journalists, as the vehicle (300series) won’t be available for public sale until possibly late this year…..any reports you read at the moment will be possibly biased toward Toyota……not doubting it will be a very capable performer!

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Hi Matt and Tony

300s are being delivered albeit slowly, and we hope to get ours - a GLX - sometime this decade! But possibly February. I have had a short drive of a VX and a GXL but only a few ks. The higher the spec in the 300s you go the less load capacity, which is why, apart from $$$$s, we chose the GXL, although the GX beats it by about 85kg.  

Matt, Glen from Kedron made a U Tube or suchlike of a test he was involved in courtesy of Toyota. I rang and spoke to Glen and he was very impressed with the way it performed with one of their vans hooked up to it. Google Toyota Landcruiser 300 goes outback caravanning. Kedron now has a 300. 

Dealers are forbidden to discount however, but there could be  a few exceptions. A word of warning: if you are to have any accessories fitted, do that post sale because if included in the purchase price you pay luxury tax on them.

Cheers, Barry  



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Hi Tony and Happy Traveller

Have now had our GLX for 3 weeks and now sitting in the van at Evans Head, after a few days at Port Macquarie for our previously thrice cancelled Apex Club of Pennant Hills reunion.

After the 100 series there is a lot of technology to come to grips with in the 300 but it's all good and you can turn off things you don't want or like.

We put the 300 and van over the weighbridge before we left Brissy and revealed we have 300 kgs up our sleeve on GCM, majority of that vehicle related.

Using WDH the vehicle and van maintain a level stance so no need for bags or heavier springs.

It cruises very easily at the speed limit and at 110 kmh is turning at 1500 rpm. And the gearbox is seamless so hard to know at times which of its 10 gears it's in.

Fuel consumption is 16 l/100 ks.

Happy Traveller, I have four 18" 300 series alloys with Grandtreks which have done all of 150 kms so let me know if you are interested in replacing the 17" the GL is fitted with.

It's a very positive thumbs up for the 300 so far.






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Hi happy traveller,

Have a look at the youtube production from Glenn Gall.

You will find it at  www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp7bM7V96vO

Good report and well done.

We own the van they used and very very happy with it.


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Hi Tony

Thanks for sending this.

Ours is not in the VIN range and we have not heard from Toyota.


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