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    Every now and then you find a nice camp. This one has loads of space and great views but absolutely no facilities. Right now we are camped here with only one other van, a motorhome. (I am told it gets busy on public holidays and long weekends...). Based on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, there is a lot of birdlife to see, and fisherpeople seem to come out ea day to try their luck. I think the only fish are carp. the nearest town is Milang, about 40 kms, or Goolwa which is the same distance. Anyway, you can see it is lovely.
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    Photos of the 2019 KOG Gathering Who says a President can’t eat and talk at the same time?
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    Hi Tony, Hope you are travelling well. Have marked the calendar for next year’s gathering. Melbourne cup is on the Tuesday so another party perhaps!!! Should be fun. cheers, Sandra
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