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    Hi Sue Although we live in Brisbane, we are going up to the KOG gathering on the Monday, so we may not be able help directly. What day do you actually arrive in Brisbane. When does Ian arrive at Lawnton. The Lawnton Showgrounds lock their gates about 5.30pm. If Ian is there, he can get a key that will open the gate. The train service from the airport will take you into Central Station via Bowen Hills Station. From either of these stations, you can get a train to Lawnton Station, it’s on the northern line to Petrie/ Caboolture/ Redcliffe. It’s only about a ten minute walk from the Lawnton Station to the Showgrounds. By train, this trip could easily take a couple of hours, depending on the connections. I don’t think walking from the domestic to the international airport terminals to catch the train is a safe option. Even though it is only a kilometre or so, there is no footpath. You would have to walk along a very busy road, at night!!!!!!! Personally, why not ask Ian to pick you up at the airport, it’s about a 40 minute trip from the Lawnton Showgrounds to the airport. That would be much more convenient and less expensive than trying to get train connections at that time of night. On the other hand, a taxi/ubur from the airport would cost about about $70-$100. Alternatively, there are several hotels at the airport that offer overnight accommodation, Ian could pick come and get you the next day. Anyway Sue, these are only a few suggestions. We’re looking forward to meeting you both. Cheers from Pete.
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    Hi everyone! We will be first time attenders this year and we can't wait! There will be myself (Jodie), hubby (Craig), son (Campbell) and our boy Duke (Golden Retriever). We will be coming all the way from Gympie, haha probably the shortest distanced travelled! We will arrive on Thursday 7/11 and leave on Sunday 10/11 and we will all be attending the Saturday night dinner. Thanks for organising this, we are really looking forward it and being able to put faces to names that we've seen on FB. Cheers Jodie
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    Good on you Peter, I knew a Brisbane ‘local’ would come to Sue’s rescue. Travel safe.....there are idiots out there.
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    No problems Sue. I’ll pop over to the Lawnton Showgrounds when I think Ian is there, and see if he needs anything. The Showgrounds are only about 15 minutes from where we live. Cheers from Pete.
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    Just a short note to advise that our wonderful secretary/treasurer Mike has been in the wars and is out of action for a few weeks after surgery. He advises that he will update receipts when he is able Thanks Webmaster
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    Hope he gets better soon!! - and don't worry too much about the paper work! ( I've got my receipt from the Bank)
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    Our new van is well under way. After such a long wait, it's hard to believe that it's finally happening.
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    Hi we would like to attend from 6th to 10th if acceptance is still open also 2 people for dinner please note 1 is Gluten free celiac . Cheers Brian & Raelene Halls 0429678055
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    Finally............. The plan has been hatched. All is now booked and paid and we will arrive together on November 6th. Phew. After looking forward to coming across and telling everyone I had a message a couple of weeks ago from my friend in the USA whom I have never actually met. She reminded me of a conversation we had over a year ago where I stated I am always home in November when told she was coming through Geraldton for a day on a cruise ship. Ekkkk.... November 4! How to get from here to there (4675klms) in just a couple of days towing the caravan, nope, can't be done. I have pondered and procrastined over logistics for weeks, I thought I was going to have to call the trip off. THEN.... Ian suggested he bring the Kedron and I hop onto a flight as soon as she has visited. Living in Geraldton flights are normally mega expensive to get to Perth but I thought I would look up the cost anyway which I did. Turns out I could get a "reasonable" priced flight so it is now booked and Ian will set off from here around the 25th October, we will meet up at Lawnton. Now after reading all of this I am hoping some of you guys might know a bit about trains from the airport to Lawnton station. We have looked and it seems I might have to walk a kilometre or so from the domestic terminal to the international terminal as I arrive around 6.30pm on a Tuesday and trains don't run at that time from the domestic. I don't have much experience with public transport as we don't have it here so hoping one of you is knowledgable. looking forward to catching up. Sue
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    Our van was fitted with a DO35 about 7 years ago and still going strong. Newer models have had a few changes over the years but the important basics are still there.
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    We recently fitted a DO35 to our XC. Working well so far
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    Had a very good experience with these guys recently NSW, Sydney Bold Trailers (Christian & Jaclyn) 5 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah 02 8544 8114 http://www.boldtcrc.com.au
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    John & Jo Same with us. Hitch EZY is great 👍
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    We also had a Mchitch auto was happy with it when connected but all sorts of trouble when trying to hook up on a angle, which I need to do when parked at home . We invested in a Lovells tow kit upgrade and was forced to use the Hitch Easy and wow what a great bit of kit . Easy to use no problems at all when coming in on a angle. I am glad with the change over on our Topender .love the Hitch Easy.
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    Hi Stork We had a McHitch auto coupler on our old ATV2. Often had.problems unhitching. Have a Hitch Ezy 5 ton on our new AT5 and in 12 months absolutely no problems either hitching or unhitching at any angle. Have a look at the video on the net. John
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    We have friends whose female partner cannot drive the bigger vehicle out shopping. Both admit that many times they have o park some distance away from where they want to go, just to fit a parking spot. Another member of a forum sold their almost new van and car because the vehicle could not be turned around in a parking area on the Great Ocean Road....the last straw, apparently. But if you are a very competent driver who does not mind the difficulties in finding parking, all would be well.
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    Hi Everyone, I have just sold my 200 series Landcruiser and need to upgrade to another tow vehicle. I was thinking about another cruiser with a GVM and brake tow capacity upgrade to 4t through Lovells. However I am in another mind to buy a Chevy Silverado 2500. We tow a 2018 XC5 triple bunk van weighing 2980kg with a ATM of 3750kg. 5 in the family. Could any members here might be able to give some good advice on the pros and cons of both vehicles. Thanking you so much. Regards Paul
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    Hi Anthony, Welcome to KOG.! Yes, I'm an owner of one of those 'big american utes'......you'd be surprised how easy they are to park & how ECONOMICAL they are! Enjoy your travels Cheers Tony H
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    hi there We have a XC5 22'5 with a tare of 3050 and ATM of 3990, after having the lovels btc upgrade to a GCM of 7800 kg we are very impressed of how our vx cruiser (2017) drives, My view on the big american utes is they would perform well out on the open road, but if this is your daily driver, id hate to park it in a supermarket parking spot. regards
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    Karen, we changed out the mesh screen and solar blind on one of our windows and all of them in a friend’s Kedron that was up for sale late last year. All were purchased from Caravansplus.com.au. Haven’t heard anything about Dometic bringing out new ones. I wonder will they be made to fit in the older vans’ windows?
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    Hi all, Just joined up to this forum. We have ordered a TE5 for delivery pencilled in for December this year. We are heading up to the factory next week to finalise colours and some details. Starting to get excited now after first ordering this Van at the end of last year. Our first Van was a 21 footer from a manufacturer in Melbourne. It wasn't a bad Van but this Keddy will be our 'dream Van' and we have spent quite a bit of time researching various options. Looking forward to exploring this forum and to pick some brains. Look forward to meeting you up the track next year! Cheers, Andrea and Gary
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    We will be making the trek across the Nullarbor for this event. I for one cannot stand the thought of missing out on all of the fun and excitement and after all it is only 4619 kilometres and according to Google Maps we can do it in just two days. Hmmm.... I am thinking more likely two weeks via Broken Hill, Cobar. 😊. Please pencil us in - Ian and I arriving the 6th and departing the 11th. Of course we will be having Saturday night dinner with everyone, can’t miss that either👍😊
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    Hi Paul, After owning Toyota's for 26 years, the last three Toyotas were 200 series diesels.......I decided to go to the 'dark side' and purchase 2016 GMC Sierra (from Performax). My ATV just getting heavier, having a bride that wants to carry more & more, I knew even without weighing the combination, I was overweight. The Toyota is/was a fantastic tug and reasonable on fuel consumption as you'd be aware, the only negatives are quick/emergency stops with a fully loaded van wondering if your going to stop. I did not go with a GVM upgrade, but being a mechanic and service my own vehicles I did carry out a brake 'upgrade' slotted, dimpled rotors & performance/heavy duty pads......this did improve braking......at one stage I was considering fitting Tundra calipers front and rear but the cost was prohibitive. The time had come to upgrade..... After driving the F truck, RAM & Chev/GMC I decided on the GMC. I believe I have made the correct choice, fuel consumption (towing) is less than the Toyota (towing).The GMC is my daily drive, yes you have to be aware of its physical size but it doesn't take long to get the feel for its size and it constantly amazes my passengers where I can park/put it. I do miss some of the Toyota creature comforts......keyless entry, rain sensing wipers,Toyotas superior A/cond (Chev/GMG don't have air outlets for the rear passengers) When towing, that is when the American trucks 'shine' seemingly endless torque & KW's to spare, when in 'tow haul' mode the effect of the exhaust brakes is nothing short of mindblowing .....you have total control of the rig. Parts & accessories are readily available from an seemingly endless number of suppliers in the US, (freight can be costly though) delivery of ordered parts depending on freight option is about a week. Fast moving parts for vehicles are (my experience) are easily sourced here in Oz. Am I happy that I went to the dark side......YES! Travel safe PM me if you'd like to have a yarn
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    Hi Paul We have had our Silverado now for six years towing our 21' Top Ender and I would not tow with anything else. They are an incredible towing beast with a brilliant fuel economy, and one of the most relaxing feelings you will find towing a big heavy van. The exhaust brakes work a treat as does the tow haul mode. They are one of the best towing vehicles around. Now saying that, we only use ours as a tow vehicle because they can be a pain in the but in a shopping centre because of the size but we always park further away from the doors and take up four spots and I no longer care after all it is a truck. We are fortunate enough to have a shopping car, general run around when we are home. Have a look at all the Americans and you could also check out the new Nissan Titan with the new Cummins V8 Diesel that is made for it as a slightly cheaper option, but still with a 4.5t tow. There has been a few discussions on this forum about similar questions over the past few years so check them out also. Cheers Merv
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