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  1. Well seeing I am up late ---and we use the old R.R . apart from the Kedron for hols , we do "professional" towing, [part time] anything, any size, any condition all over Aus , up to 35 ft, too , new vans ,medieval vans , not looking for work , ! just saying..
  2. Gini

    Choosing a Kedron

    Wanted a van that would be able to just stop as fast as possible [when I yelled "STOP" ] and pull over into the bush, or U-turn, on a cent piece , so could take pics of wildlife mainly fast disappearing sigh , so needed an off road van. Needed one we could sleep anywhere ,anytime ,had lots of storage /cupboards, to store all my junk/ art canvases, / tripod , easels/ electronic playthings. Magic finding Kedron was detailed so well in the finish. P.S. [we bought ours second hand private, took out kids bunks and added the toilet/ shower.] PPS we deliver for people who need their van moved or towed for various reasons, hundreds of brands of vans all over Australia and local via 4 x4 and can say the Kedron is just the best.
  3. Hi we went to Litchfield last year, there's a bush type camp at Wangi falls, probably a parks set up,it was crowded , but we got there late . Lots of van parks in and around. we didn't get to Kakadu as planned a few reasons . some beautiful falls Florence, [a long walk down] Tolmer falls, too a bit of a walk , well for me and a lot of chubby people puffing [me too] .We took the van in as I get all lost without my home on wheels , but it restricts access to the "lost city" as only a bush track for vehicles.
  4. LOl Soo funny ! yes you missed me I have M.E. Fibromyalgia [seriously true $$%%^& ] ]and need a bed to rest .
  5. Our or mine , as I do lots of art,/'photography from here ,if heading into South Australia not far from Port Augusta rather unknown is Hancocks Lookout . />http://www.australiancampsites.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=227:hancocks-lookout
  6. Emerald via Esk ,follow the road, lol ! atm on the same road unless you want to go via Roma Tambo? plenty of Dump points, along the way. Plenty of free camps, we don't have a cassette we have a pump out type, last a 5 -7 days maybe ,so can't help there. very very dry out here Mt.Isa etc
  7. Gini


    oooh thanks again Rod n Sue, we went down the coast road year before last. Got some superb pics of early blooming wild flowers [crossed over via Kalgoorlie. ]
  8. Gini


    Thanks Sue /Rod, now I want to go everywhere! Just don't like the drive forever through Winton -----Friends went in their ute with cabin on the back last year Palm Valley I mean ,said no problem we only got to Glen Helen,did wish we had taken the van along, seems a waste leaving it in caravan parks, just drove the 4 x 4 ,then back to Alice Springs. I was keen to get down to Uluru asap, 11 years since we were there before and to see the Devils Marbles.We camped there one night fabulous spot, got there early thankfully,as it was very crowded in the afternoon, I think I took over 4000 photos all up , [back through Broken Hll] and I got some art done too.
  9. Gini


    Wow Rod/Sue that's most helpful, I'll print all these out so I can keep to read. We didn't get to Palm Valley last year so wondering if we might just go there. went along the Merrinee Loop 11 years ago [not with a van ,eeekkk ] but bypassed Palm Valley I hate planning too much ! just like to go and decide where to go next. Time is no problem I just get homesick to be away too long ---pathetic! birds sound great too.
  10. Gini


    Thanks Jacky. Nice to hear from you, appreciated wondered about caravan parking too. Also,--- maybe Litchfield might be better I can see online some info but nice to hear first hand experience. [sometimes I can walk for ages, so hoping] We went along the Larapinta Trail last year and left the van at Alice didn't know the van was ok to park at some of the gorges, so had to hurry back at night.
  11. Gini


    Any info on tripping around Kakadu [area] would be most helpful . Usual van ,3 x 4 etc.. parking ? Travelling from Qld, I can't walk much , and need bed by 4 pm.
  12. I /we just chuckum into the bottom of the wardrobe. Smelly,muddy and all. we only have 1 /inch 5 cm,between bed and wardrobe?
  13. Gini

    April Trip

    A few miles West quite a few actually and hard to see , not much signage [south side ] from Winton ,is the famous Banjo Paterson waterhole,Waltzing Matilda, it's almost into the next shire /'town' Mc ? McKinley? can't think name. it's a free camp about 8 K's off the main road,we were there last year very wet but ok to drive on [dirt road, ] there is room to park ans stay, it's in the free camp book. been there lots of times, and always some lovely brolgas/roos on the track . along with fabulous water holes. Very quiet. Pics on my Facebook site if interested. Winton info centre seems to know nothing about it! Virginia McGowan
  14. looks like more rain on the way too----
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