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  1. Hi, folks. I have a hi-lift jack and want to raise the van and put it on axle stands. My van is a 16' Compact. So, using the hi-lift - where are the safe jacking points? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Tony. Yes, we have the van and have done two small trips to date. We both still work full time, but have to say the idea of attending is alluring. Cheers!
  3. Got our pick-up date now. 11 May 18 and we get the van. The new tug is all set for towing (piggy bank is still squealing!) and had a beau-peep at the van and it's almost GTG. NowI just need to get a decent bit of leave so we can take it out for the "shake-out" trip.
  4. Just wanted to say a big "Thank-you" to Tony for the Clearview mirrors he supplied to me. Not only a great price, but they were here surprisingly quickly - only a couple of days. I fitted them to the Fortuner today and (apart from dropping a couple of screws into hard to retrieve places!) they are all solid and ready to go when the new van arrives.
  5. Less than a month until the XC3 Compact is finished. It's at the fit-out stage and looking good. Problem is now all the "extra" expenses of air bag suspension, electronic brakes, mirrors... But, still can't wait until we drive out with the new van.
  6. Hi, Tony. Looking to get some Clearview mirrors for our Toyota Fortuner (current model). Can you PM me with an idea of cost...and how easy they are to self-fit! I've seen the video, but need to know if it is that easy. John
  7. Hey, Baileys - thanks for the reply. Yep, the washer is a must, even at that price. I am going for the slide-out drawer, but with a front spot to put in a Baby-Q and a smaller drawer behind. We're seriously looking at the lift-up leg extensions, but also considering the more narrow fridge with bottom drawer, since it gives a little more bench space. (Glen did a video of a van in early December with this option) Sorry to hear about the storm damage - just lucky you bought a Kedron and the team will do the repairs without you waiting months for them to do the job...and you know it will be done properly! Cheers! John & Jan
  8. Hi, Kevin & Andrea. Interested in how you go with the Compact in your travels. We've got on one order for May 18, so keen to hear what you need and what you don't need in the small van. Cheers, John
  9. Folks, I am chasing some advice on mirrors for my D22 Navara. Unfortunately, Clearview don't make mirrors for the D22, so they're not an option. Other ideas?
  10. Hi Joiners, just saw your post...call me slow! We put our order in for the XC-3 Compact at the show and expect delivery in May 18. We hummed and ha'ad for some time, but opted for the Compact because of the ease of towing and the ability to not have to shell out for a bigger tow tug. Having done a lot of camper-trailing and tent camping the smaller van won't be an issue, I expect. See you out there somewhere.
  11. Vulcan

    A trip report

    Great report and really nice photos. Thanks for sharing the info. I've been that way before, but a few years ago, so can't wait to get out there again.
  12. Well, we went to the Brisbane Caravan show and have finally placed our order for a brand spanking new XC-3 Compact.The team at Kedron were really helpful as always and it was great to stir up the Patriarch (Baz) with my Qld jersey. Now, we wait until May 18 and in the meantime get the van's parking area at home all set up. Finally got the new DVD on Maytown - if you haven't seen it, it is the most extreme treatment for the van and the drivers that the Boys have done in 20 years of filming.
  13. Yes, it is going to be a happy year - at the end of this year, we'll have the cash ready to place the order for our XC-3 Compact...then wait until later on in 2018 for it to be constructed...but good things come to those who wait!
  14. Rob, the key thing is replacing it with the same type and capacity of battery; brand should not be an issue. Your charging system is probably set up for a particular type of battery - in this case the AGM and set for 120 ah. Yes, different batteries have different charging requirements. Having said that - talk to an expert as well! Cheers!
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