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  1. Thank you all for your responses but please be assured that we have only ever used drinking water hoses in either blue or white variety. The problem only occurs when the water sits in the hose overnight as in when you are connected in a caravan park.We fill our tanks at home through an ordinary garden hose or anywhere else through our drinking water hose with no ill effect. Maybe I'm just getting precious in my old age!
  2. Hi to you all, We have been experiencing no end of taste dramas with drinking water hoses. We have bought unbranded from a roll in Broome,Pope from Bunnings & most recently a new one from Aldi, all of which deliver a strong plastic smell & taste. I am desperate for an answer as we are forced to use our onboard water unless we waste 10 to 15 litres ( a guess) to clear the hose . Peter
  3. Hello all, Last year we did the Gibb River Rd & destroyed two tyres. I have sworn that I will never leave home again without some sort of tyre monitoring in place. I would appreciate any advice regarding the devices on the market before I bight the bullet. Thank you Doyley
  4. Just wondering if there is still a Kogger with access to the right price for a set of C/V mirrors or if anyone has a set for sale to suit a 200 series. Thanks Doyley
  5. Hi Brian, Back in 2012 we took our ATV to the Cape. Prior to leaving I fitted " Rock Tamers " to the tug & thought I had adequately protected the van. Unfortunately that was not the case & the front of the van still got peppered. We have since upgraded to a T/E , so prior to leaving on the Big Lap I fitted a set of truck mud flaps to the bottom of the standard Kedron stone guard-- Success! All those stones that previously got past the rock tamers & under the stone guard to hit the van are despatched back to the road without doing any damage. This proved to be successful even on The Gibb River road which is 600k of gravel & rocks. Hope this helps Doyley
  6. Hi Fred, We have a 20'Kedron & took it into Elliot Falls last year without any problems as long as you are prepared to spend nearly an hour traversing the 13Km from the Dev road.In our party was a Millard Outback? (single axle)which also made the trip.We left our vans at Elliot when going to FBF & encountered a Bushtracker coming out as we were going in ( he commented that he wished that he hadn't taken his van in as it is so tight for room with limited parking for cars let alone a big van.It is only a day parking area so is not worth taking your van in. Hope this helps Doyley
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