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  1. McAndrew

    Selling a used XC3 Kedron

    Thank you, will try over the next few nights, will give you a call if I get into difficulties wayne
  2. McAndrew

    Selling a used XC3 Kedron

    Much appreciated Chris, I will give it a go tonight Wayne
  3. McAndrew

    Selling a used XC3 Kedron

    Thank you Peter, much appreciated, will do once I get the gist of posting on forum, I am not the best on a computer!
  4. McAndrew

    Selling a used XC3 Kedron

    Fellow Kedron Owners We are the happy owners of a 2012 21' Kedron XC3 but have decided to slightly downside (20') to another XC3 with some interior changes. Have listed the van on Caravan/Campingsales and Gumtree (3 months now) with little response. We are new to the Kedron Owner's Group so I may not have put this post in the proper place but would welcome any helpful suggestions or comments on best ways to advertise and sell. Thank you all in advance. Wayne McAndrew