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  1. $89,900 Details FOR SALE section
  2. Thanks Neville. Thats exactly the fan which I have ordered and will pick up at the PO in Geraldton.

    regards JohnR

  3. Sorry I took so long to reply but have been in the bush. I got fan from JAYCAR it is a Sirocco YX2522 12v/380mA BALL BEARING IP55 Rotary Fan,this one is better foe the dust there is one same size different Number & cheaper but no good in dusty conditions I think it was about $37.hope this helps Neville.

  4. Sorry, that was meant for the "Send me a message" option

  5. Hi Neville. Do you have a copy of the fridge fan info that Geoff sent you. We are on the road and our fan has died. Have tried contactng Geoff, but no response yet. Appreciate any info you can provide.

    regards John Rutter


  6. Hi Geoff. Have PM'd you for a copy of fan info. We are on our way to WA and our fan has carked. thanks. John
  7. What airplans are Koggers using for their Satellite phones. Our Iridium plan which allows 200 minutes, 12month, prepaid (goood for a lot of use in urgent/emergency situations) has gone up $100 in the last year. We only carry the phone for emergency purposes and prefer not to use a mobile (roaming) phone sim. In an emergency you don't want to be changing sims. Looking around on the net I have found broad discrepancies in the prices and benefits of different plans, both prepaid and postpaid. Any suggestions of good value plans would be appreciated.
  8. Parking for Vans within reasonable walking distance of a major shopping center A reasonable sized Park/Rest Area with adequate Van parking A Public Dump Point Prominent Road signage to areas such as the above, not just Commercial sites such as Van parks
  9. Winnecke

    Boat Loader

    Hi Bocar. Try Almac trailers in Bundaberg http://www.almactrailers.com.au/aluminium-boat-loader.html . They have just installed a rear loading (electric winch) roof rack/loader on my LC200. The principles are very similar to the WA based company suggested above by Bryan. They custom built it (aluminium and stainless steel) to match my Quintrex 3.7 Dart. It has made loading/unloading a breeze. They are very helpful and made up some addons for the van solving a couple of problems I was still battling with
  10. Hi Rod and Mavis. I had Australiawide Annexes (07)54562814 at Kunda Park (Sunshine Coast) custom retrofit shade cloth walls using the existing annex shade wall as the starting point. Their work was very good and I'm sure if they had been able to start from scratch the end result would have been even better
  11. Hi all. I know this has been discussed in the past, but I can't find it. What does the law say about removing rear seats. As I recall, this changes the status of the vehicle and is not permitted. I have a LC200 with a cargo barrier and rear drawers,, so clearly I have removed the third row seats. I would like to remove the second row (passenger) seats to allow a 15hp Outboard to be carried, (strapped to the cargo barrier and floor seat pins). I have tested this with the seats folded forward and loading/unloading to this area is simple even for my 70 year old body. However the folded seats are bulky and prevent access to the mid floor and rear space without pulling over and a lot of hassle. Any comments appreciated tks.
  12. I fitted a standard car aerial which automatically extends when the radio is switched on and reception is now excellent. Sound in Motion at Nambour did the job
  13. Hi Glen and Debbie, I haven't researched the Redarc as I had already installed a Ranox http://www.ranox.com.au/ . This would appear to have the same purpose as the Redarc, and I have found it to be an exceptionally effective unit which can be used not only to keep your auxillary battery fully charged, but to "bring home" surplus charge which can be transferred to your van when you have a standing camp. It can be user programmed within a number of parameters, and the current price is $465 delivered. Contact (either) Alan and they will email you a user manual, or you can download one from http://www.vehiclemods.net.au/docs/RanOx_M...am_Rev_4H1m.pdf I installed my Ranox in conjunction with (on top of) a National Luna Power pack http://www.nationalluna.com/PPPack.htm containing a 120 amp AGM battery in the back of my LC200. The National Luna line can be obtained through Opposite Lock rebadged as Chargemaster. I forget what I paid but found a listing at http://www.oppositelock.com.au/index.php?n...category_id=607 for $698. This also allows input or output via various plugs. I hook an 80 amp Solar Panel via the inbuilt Anderson plug to keep the fridge working hard when the fish are biting
  14. Curly. I had an automatic radio aerial installed by Sound in Motion at Nambour. The unit was fitted in a forward kitchen cupboard, and externally only the tip of the aerial and a drainage slot on the side protruded. Ideal for bush driving. When you turn the radio on or off the aerial rises or withdraws accordingly, just like on most cars
  15. Hi Pete and Tracey While researching prices on Suburban anodes I became confused by conflicting ads for magnesium and aluminium. I then came on the following in a thread on http://www2b.abc.net.au/science/techtalk/n...opic443564.shtm Quote: ">>>We recently had a problem with 'rotten egg' smelling water after some eight years of trouble free but very active motorhoming. Our water lines are all catering quality hoses and fittings. The cause has been traced to the HWS anode and by telling this story we may be able to help others avoid a similar baffling experience. Sacrificial anodes are built into Suburban hot water systems to protect the storage reservoir from corrosion. That is, the anode corrodes, first leaving the system intact provided the anode is replaced when necessary - which is normally at not more that two year intervals, and we have done this regularly. With the valued assistance of Coast-to-Coast RV Services we have been advised genuine Suburban anodes be made from magnesium. Unfortunately they look very similar to different anodes, which are made from aluminium and zinc to prevent corrosion in marine motors, which are constantly flushed with seawater. If a marine type anode is inadvertently fitted to a Suburban HWS, an opaque type jelly may eventually appear on the anode and a foul odour will affect the water, particularly if the system is not used frequently. Merely flushing with fresh water will not get rid of the odour. It is necessary to flush the system and replace the anode with a genuine Suburban magnesium part. Unfortunately we purchased our replacement marine type anode from a caravan repair business and assumed it was the right type. Hoping this tale may save other members from having contaminated water.<<<<<<<" I think I might also buy a couple of the EBay ones (fingers crossed)
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