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  1. ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR RIG BEING OVERWEIGHT ? This new club benefit, available exclusively to members via the club shop will be available just in time for the Christmas trip. Just 25 tins stored under the bed will reduce your weight by 112.5kg and you will no longer have to carry all that water in your tanks. Don't miss out stocks are limited.
  2. We are at Onkaparinga’s Pink Gums campground for a couple of nights. It is right on the edge of the McLaren Vale wine region, and not that far from the city. But it feels nice and peaceful. There are 11 sites in all but not all fit a caravan of our size. Most do, though.. We are nicely settled in, as you can see.
  3. Kimbo's wife Ned has posted of the family's loss. Kimbo meant so much to so many people and was a larger than life character. He was a great supporter of the Kedron brand and considered himself to be part of the "Kedron family". I spoke to him on Sunday and he spoke with affection of the many people he met through this group and what they all meant to him. Among his last words with me was a planning out aloud about what he wanted to see happen to his precious Kedron van! Our hearts are heavy today.
  4. it would have been in 2004 we joined the group, I am guessing. And we all met at Milmerran Camp Oven Festival. It certainly was part of the Kedron “family”, which has developed even more tightly since. We all have much to thank you three for what you did back then!
  5. Hi fellow Kedronners. I have been in touch with Kim Greenwood ("Kimbo") who is seriously ill. Kimbo is one of the founding fathers of the forum, and long time members will remember him well. The history is way back in time (I don't have any idea what year!) a group of three Kedron owners with a passion for the brand, got together over a few drinks and had the brilliant idea to create this group. They were Sue Hoile (Webby), Darryl Darben (Dazmit) and Kim Greenwood (Kimbo). Ann Lynch was present too, I believe... All were tireless in their energy to create the group and keep it running. Sue created the technical side of things for the forum and designed the platform on which it was. Kimbo was the inaugural President. I think that is how it happened... Edit: I have been advised Peter Flynn was the inaugural President. Kimbo no doubt gave a lot of advice in a separate capacity 😀 Since then he has been a very active and loud promoter of the Kedron brand and a valued member of the Kedron family. Kimbo has asked me to let his friends in the group know of his health issues and the battle he is having, and authorised this post being placed on the forum. He has not lost his characteristic sense of humour, and is dealing with this in a positive way. I am sure we will all send him and his family our thoughts, and wish him well with this battle.
  6. And these photos are from nearby Polda Rock. It was an incredibly windy day, but the views were worth the climb.
  7. A month or two ago we visited the Gawler Ranges NP in the far North of SA’s Eyre Peninsula. We are back again, although not in the national park itself. This area is blessed with granite outcrops known as Inselbergs, similar to those in WA. Where we are camped is at Pildappa Rock, not far from Minnipa. Pildappa is very similar to Wave Rock near Hayden WA. It has the same characteristic “flare” which distinguishes the rock feature. And the weather is wonderful!
  8. It is a shame indeed that the event has had to be cancelled this year. Tony puts in a lot of work into preparing the presenters and activities, and it’s disappointing that it won’t be possible to hold the AGM in this format this year. But next year is sure to be better!
  9. As we live in SA, where are (theoretically) no COVID-19 cases, we are free to travel intrastate. So we headed first to the Flinders a few weeks ago. And then we travelled to the Gawler Ranges NP. We came out from the park earlier today. What spectacular country! I didn’t imagine it could be so special. Gorgeous goldS and reds In the Ranges, and interesting foliage. We had the best camp site in the best campground in the whole park, I think. We camped at Yandinga campground. It can accommodate up to 9 camp groups, according to the booking website. The sites are large and well separated. Ours could take two or three vans if in a group. The only facilities are a drop toilet and fireplace at most sites. Given there were freezing nights, a fire was nice for cooking or sitting around. When we got up yesterday, the Weber BBQ was covered in ice. But days were sunny and warm. Perfect. The road out there was fine, although that changes on a regular basis, depending on when last graded. The short track into Yandinga was very corrugated. There is so much to see and do in the park that we didn’t get to see or do it all. Another trip! We left this morning as previous weather reports said rain was due in a day’s time. Now of course, that has changed and rain is not due at all. Sigh. Anyway, here are several photos.
  10. We are camped at the Wudinna Showgrounds prior to heading into the Gawler Ranges on Monday (after the long weekenders have all gone home), the Showgrounds are quite lovely, and very quiet. Apart from a late arrival, another caravan, we are the only ones here. $15 for power and water. And a magic meal at the local hotel.
  11. As intrastate travel is now allowed within South Australia, we have already done one trip (to the Flinders Ranges) and are now ready to again go to another nice SA national park campground. Well, we hope its nice, as we have never been there before... The trouble is, we have to book and pay before going, and there is no phone reception up there. The Gawler ranges are in the Northern area of the Eyre Peninsula, near Wudinna. First we are going to the little town of Laura, where the Golden North ice cream is made (no that is NOT why we are going there). We want to see a few things around there, and although a caravan park is usually anathema to me, apparently this one is lovely. If anyone else is meandering around out that way, and see us, yell out. We are the greeny coloured van and golden LC. This is us on a previous trip (on the Strzelecki Track).
  12. Thanks for this advice Tolley. (You all understand this further advice comes from Val...I am a technical twit). Val says he does a full lube and check of all the nuts and bolts in the suspension and adjusts the brakes. Then about every 10,000 kms he does a lube job (greasing things) and again checks tightness in all the bolts. He does regular checks of hoses and connections under and around the van. It is valuable to discuss these issues, especially for newer members and van owners who may not realise what is needed or how often.
  13. And now, fellow forumites, we are down at Mount Remarkable’s Mambray Creek Campground. This is just 50 kms South of Port Augusta. Phone reception again...oh joy! it is much fresher and greener here than up further North, due to the higher rainfall. As long as it rains at night rather than during the I will be happy. 😁 Yesterday we caught up with fellow Kedronners who were camped nearby, Yvonne and Brett. They are new to the Kedron family and I hope they join the forum which they knew nothing of until I told them about our wonderful group.
  14. We had a lovely time up at Aroona. The weather was perfect there (as it usually is at this time of year) and although cool at night we have the diesel heater! Aroona Campground is one of the best in the Flinders. It has water taps at many of the sites and good rainwater tanks if the weather gods have been kind. Maurveen, get in touch before your trip up there and I can share further information if needed.
  15. Ah but Karen, you are making the most of that time. Your photos are amazing! And you can now walk on the beach!!
  16. Good morning Kedronners! I am sure many of you will be like us, and so keen to get out camping again. South Australia has opened up camping, and so that's what we will be doing. We are going camping in the Southern Flinders for a week and then further South at Mambray Creek in Mt Remarkable National Park for a further five days.. These two places are among our favourite camping spots (yes, yes I know, I have numerous favourite spots...). We leave tomorrow morning and plan to be at Aroona Campground tomorrow night for four nights. Then we will move down to Mambray Creek. I look forward to waking up to the sight of the ABC Ranges in the background and the sound of the wind in the trees! Here is a photo of a previous trip to Aroona. Will we see any other South Aussies out there?
  17. Chris

    Apple Slice

    I have used this recipe for years! It was first made for me by my now departed sister in law. It is simple and delicious. Thanks for sharing it!
  18. Our 11 year old van has done some serious off-road work. Who knows if it is comparable with what others have done, but it includes the Oodnadatta Track 10 times, the full Savannah Way, the Strzelecki eight times, the Gary Junction Road twice, the Plenty from QLd to WA twice, the Flinders numerous times, the Gibb River Road etc. I once estimated it had done a conservative 100,000 kms of corrugations...and has held up beautifully. Except for the four springs which went after the last Plenty Crossing, and Val had to replace them one by one 😁 But we now have a new suspension which will last us out I reckon. Val services the bearings himself as he doesn’t fully trust others to do it properly. And I would hate to suggest ATV42 doesn’t look after his van meticulously. That bloke is obsessive about looking after his van!
  19. Hello and welcome Ian and Lyn. Isn't it just the best feeling, being the new owners of a Kedron van?! There are many happy memories to be made out there travelling. It opens up a whole new world. I hope we meet up with you somewhere sometime. Chris
  20. Ken, this is almost identical work and parts replaced in the suspension. It is heartening to see it is almost the same price! Thanks for advising this information....It will be helpful for others to know approximately how much a full service costs.
  21. We have just had our ten year old Top Ender’ s wheels aligned and suspension serviced, here in Adelaide. (We have a Cruisemaster independent leaf suspension). The suspension service involved replacing bushes and other related stuff. The whole exercise cost quite a bit, mostly because there was 13 hours of labour involved. The overall cost was $3176. How much have others been charged? I have a horrible suspicion that had we taken it to Kedron it would have been cheaper 😄
  22. I agree with John completely. Terry from T1Lithium at Mannum is wonderful. We put our system of 520 ah in our van, but on reflection 400 ah would be adequate. People come from all over Australia to see him. His phone is 0414 819 826 I have heard good things about iTech batteries but have no direct knowledge.
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